Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Duncan Rudd


Very nice ! Great Character animation, it really sucked me in! Nice to see an entry with so much acting in it! Nice job!


Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Little progress update - During the challenge I started rendering some shots at 640x360 just to speed things along a bit. Since missing the deadline I’ve gone back to render those shots at 1024x576. I’m now having to attend to all the jobs that got pushed to one side during the challenge but, I’ll be getting back to it next week hopefully and will post the finished piece once it’s done.

Thanks again for looking - it really helps keeps the motivation going to know people are interested!


hey this one’s actually pretty good! it’s a shame you couldn’t finish it in time…it’s good to know you’ll still finish it regardless of the contest…it looks great! :thumbsup:

post it up on the finished animation section and i’ll give you my 5 stars! :beer:



Hi Everyone,

After a mammoth backlog of work I finally got round to finishing my Steampunk entry ‘Faustus’ - based on Christopher Marlowe’s play. Thanks to everyone that took the time to visit this thread and leave a comment - the encouragement is really appreciated.

You can see the finished video here.

Comments and crits most welcome!


this is pretty awesome…

nice storytelling, nice images. it works pretty good with the music and dialogue, which is my only complaint: the voices could be louder, they are hidden away from the music and soundfxs.

beside that, its really cool. congrats on the finished piece


Great models.Cheers:beer:


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