Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Duncan Rudd


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Latest Update: Finished Video: Finished Video (as finished as it’s gonna get


Hey Everyone - fantastic challenge, really looking forward to getting stuck into it… Maybe I’m being a bit ambitious entering the video category as the amount of time I get to spend on my entry will largely depend on my other workload over christmas - fingers crossed for a quiet one!!

My idea so far is based on Christopher Marlowe’s play ‘The Tragical History of Dr Faustus’. The legend goes that Faustus makes a deal with Lucifer giving him 24 years on Earth with a demon - Mephistopheles - as his servant. In return, Lucifer get’s Faustus’ soul. My video will pick up the story at the end of the alloted 24 years when Mephistopheles arrives at the laboratory to collect Faustus’ soul only to find that the Doctor, contrary to most versions of the myth, has not wasted his 24 years bemoaning his eternal damnation but has in fact constructed a badass, steam powered exoskeleton in which to fight for his soul…

Storyboards/character designs etc. to follow shortly.

Good luck to everyone - should be a lot of great work produced!


Just hunting around online for reference material - there are some really nice gadgets and elements in this animation…


This is pretty much the completed Faustus mesh - he’ll be hidden within the steamwalker for most of the story so you’ll only get to see him right at the end…


Early modelling on the Mephistopholes character. Trying to go for more decisive, confident shapes to contrast with the weak and vulnerable Faustus…


Very rough volumes for Faustus’ Steamwalker. Just playing with proportions and will start filling in with detail soon…


Continued modelling on the Mephostopholes character


Apologies for the pitiful draughtsmanship! Just wanted to get a few details out of my head before I started modelling


Cool idea. I like your start with modeling and concept - only wish to see the story in storyboard :wink:


Nice work man. Great models


Modelling progress on steamwalker


Hand and bicep details - all pistons, gears and chains are rigged and work properly - will post a video as soon as I figure out how to compress it!!


Staszek - Thanks for the comment. I agree, I do need to work out the storyboard on paper - I’m going to try and address it over the weekend!

Jas2 - Cheers buddy, seems like there’s still tonnes to do and I can’t believe we’re already over halfway through the challenge!


Very great modeling so far. Love the cartoonish faces and especially the mechanical arm with the glasses see-through’s.

very interesting.



Great modeling! Best to you!:beer:


Nico - Thanks for the comment, glad you like the cartoon style. Hopefully I can pull off some animation to match! Just checked out the latest updates on your thread - great storyboard, could be a really funny piece and of course there’s some great modelling/texturing to go with it… Good luck.

Adrian - Thanks man, really appreciate the encouragement. More updates tomorrow. Now, sleep:argh:


Finished blocking in main shapes for the steamwalker - still need to add lots of pipes coming from the boiler to drive the joints.

Thanks for looking in…


Happy New Year everyone…

Sorry for the lack of updates - been a very hectic Christmas!! Anyway, still tons to do and not enough time so better get back to it…


the last update is beautifull. great character !

what is the render engine ?



Thanks for te comment Marc, glad you like it… The render engine is Mental Ray in Max. These poses took about 5 mins to render with Final Gathering… You’re project is coming along very nicely too. You have a really unique dark style going on - best of luck with the rest of the challenge