Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Dennis Jensen


Nice shading Dennis!
Looking foreward to see some motion soon :wink:


This is a bit wierd update :slight_smile:

  • I made the face rig
  • I made some particles.
  • I made the last texture/shading
  • I fixed the hands.

I’m allmost finish. The only thing left is to make a slider for my gears on the back, so i they will loop the animation, and i can make them go faster.

I got no idea how to do that :slight_smile: I guess I’m just gonna try.


The Final storyboard.

I had to make it a bit small :slight_smile: I hope you get the story.

Hopefully i will have a workplan + animatic up soon. And then I’m gonna start animating :smiley:

Happy New Year everybody.


Hej Dennis.

I really like the above render, the shading looks great and cool smoke!

The storyboard looks pretty clear as well.
Have you any estimate on the length og the film?
It looks rather long.

Looking very much foreward to see some motion.

Great work so far.


Hello Christoffer.

Thx for your comment.

Well I don’t quit have a estimate of the lenght. Because I can’t make a animatic at the moment. I thinks it’s gonna be between 1,30 min to 2 min.

I have began animations, It’s nice because i can practice my animations skill, which is equel to zero :smiley: I don’t got anything to show right now. I think my focus will be finishing the movie, and not be too long animating and stuck with the same shot.


So i been working on this today. with lightning, and trying the get a good mood.

Its for the first 2 shots.


This is looking great sofar! Good work on the storyboards and the smoke effects! I hope you will be able to complete the whole story before the deadline or are you going to make a trailer? And I recognise the feeling that there is so much to do in too little time, but just keep going and you will finish it!



I really like space shot, very believable, good job man. :cool:


Hey Dennis.
Nice to see the scenes starts to develope. I can’t wait to see the outcome.

A couple of notes on the space shot though:

The light should be a bit stronger, hitting the three planets. It seems a bit too weak at the moment.

The glow of the earth works okay, but it illuminates the backside of the sphere (or maybe you’ve done it by yourself?). No matter what, it doesn’t looks right, as the light won’t bounce around in space, and considering the black backs of the other planet, I think you should fix this (or at least be aware of it).

Last I think there are way too many stars on the background image. It seems a bit too crowded.

That’s it. At least take it into consideration, and you can always deside for yourself, if you are going to change it or not :slight_smile:

The last image looks fine, and still a bit too early to tell :slight_smile:

Great work so far! :smiley:


So it finally made my animatic finish.

I quit happy with it. Some of the shots might be longer, but i will ajust it along the way.

Also the voiceover is just a test.

Credtis for music:
Exciting Trailer by Kevin MacLeod
Spy vs Spy By Matti Paalanen

Play Video >>


When i look trough my animatic, i get the feeling that the start maybe is to fast? Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

Martijn81: Thx ! If i don’t got the time to finish the whole thing, then I’m gonna try to make a trailer :slight_smile: Time will tell.

ValenUA: Thx man :wink:

doffer: Thx for the feedback :slight_smile: I tried to correct the things you mentioned, it looks awesome now.

I got 39 shots overall, and about 5 are finished. So i got a lot of work to do.


Software: 3ds max

So i worked on Seq2, because i think it might be the hardest animation part.

Well, I’m pretty happy with it so far. No doub that i could use a lot of animation practice :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


So i think I’m done with this now. No doubt there could be a lot of things i could do better. But doing the deadline I’m gonna say its done :slight_smile:

Seq 2 is done, so now it only needs to be rendered, and maybe adjusted.

I hope that i can spend the whole weekend on the project, and make seq 3 by the end of the week. And thats aiming pretty high :S

Then there is only seq 1 left :slight_smile:


Hey Dennis :slight_smile:
Yeah, the animation could use some more work. In general, keep concepts as anticipation, followthrough and weightshifting in mind when posing.
I like your renders, though.
They look cool :slight_smile:

Looking foreward to see what you come up with durring the weekend :wink:


So the last 3 days, has been a battle between the render, my computer, and my patience. I won :wink:

A least my computer is rendering the things i want it to. So here is a test.

I’m pretty happy with it. Rendertime is about 3 min.


Software: 3ds max

Damn, i feel like… it’s hard work. Can’t say anything else :slight_smile: But i got the feeling that I’m close at the end. And im gonna make it.

I worked on some renders today, and how to make a cool sun. Besides that some animation.

I got 58 sec now. My short might be about 2 mins. Im not sure.

When u watch it, let me know it is too boring. I think its cool, but I’m a bit afried that it’s gonna be too long and boring.

This is only seq 2 and half of seq 3.

I hope to finish seq 3 tomorrow, i still need to model all the envoirment for seq 3 and seq 1.

Play Video >>


Great work on the animation. I wish i was this far, but i’m not. I’m far from it.

About the earth - and i tried to post this some time ago but couldn’t get my post posted - is that you should get rid of the highlight on the planets. Planets don’t really have highlights if you take a look at pictures.

And don’t know how long you intend to go, but i guess the minimum will be 30 sec. So you don’t have to go longer. And in the beginning i think some subtle changes in camera positions could work well. Just to avoid too long 1-camera-angle shots.
Same for the run cycle. Not sure in what environment you will place it, but you don’t have to move the camera the same path as the character. Do a steady cam where the dude runs past. Think of every shot as a photograph to get the best composition.

And for the hands when running, maybe you should try little variation in the rotation of the wrist when he swings his arm back and forth. I think it stays the same too much and it notices.

Good luck on the rest.



You are right :slight_smile: I have been working on the planet, and changede the things doffer said. But there is still highlight, so i will remove it.

Yea i know, I really want to make the hole story complete, right now i fell like is dosnt really tell a story. There is still some shots i would like to do, to get the story in. I still hope to make all the short, and lack a bit with the quality of the animation :slight_smile:

Great idea, I will consider that.

If i got the time, i will try to change it.

Thx, u 2 :slight_smile:



i think it would do the “action” some good if you tilted him a bit more forward when he runs. Right now his upper body is kindof centered above his legs, which is not the case when running.

when he jumps i think the cam shake is a bit too 90’ies gaming looking. a more subtle shake would make it look alot more intense and classy.



Today I have been working on the enviroment.

I changed the grass on the second image. Still I’m not quit happy with the ligthing and the grass. I’m not sure of im gonna change it that much.

I like ligthning on the third image. I was trying to create a good mood, and a comfy place, where u wanna go. This is the distination for my robot.