Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Damir G. Martin


That’s a fine looking robot!
Good job :thumbsup:
I wish to see it animated. And I still love your sketch of the man!


Very nice characters. I especially like the design of the head of hades character. I hope you’ll manage to finis in such little time.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop

This is opening shot for my Steampunk trailer.
It is showing fall and arrival of the Hades.
In the background stands a volcano under an opening on the Tartarus ceiling.

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great shot, very close to your story board !



Very nice and dynamic shot! GOOD JOB!:slight_smile:


Shot 1 looks really nice! Looking forward to your final animation! Goodluck finishing it all!


Thx guys!
Although, I still need to learn how to encode it properly, it is in pretty bad shape comparing to how it looks in qucik time format.


Very nice shot. Love it. I wish I could see the whole process. Good luck.


Nice work!! :buttrock:


Software: 3ds max

This is Shot number 2, I decide to post this one, and then, I wont post anything till I have some 50% trailer finished.
Im working hard to finish it in time, If I make it, I’m probabaly going to need proffessional medical care, with nurses and stuff :wink:

Anyway, This is God of Hell, Hades, after falling from above, he is stuck in the ground, thus, spreading his spidery legs to pull himself from the rocks.
The purple dot flying thingies are particles that later on will hopefully be nicely rendered steamy smokey stuff.
And the bluish smash looking stuff under Hades’es legs are actually procedural 3ds max objects, famous teapots, I have reaproched that part later on, and made it with particles again, and some instanced geometry.

Take care.

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Hi guys!
Im really strugling with deadline, Im tired, and miss sleep, I hope that I will deliver by the deadline, and I wont have sound probably…

Also, I just wanted to post this one, thought it would entertain a bit.
I’ts shot 6, Sisyphus runing up the volcano.
My cloth simulation went silly, I forgot to attach another collision object to prevent the skirt slide down Sisyphus shoulder, so, he ended up butt naked runing up the big volcano to end his misery.

Link to a buttnaked Sisyphus. to see it better, click the Hd button.


Ha ha, looks great. Don’t be desperate, you’re doing great job on your steampunk video.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop,ZBrush

Hi guys!
I completed animation.
I couldnt squeeze in all the things I wanted to, cos of the deadline, and the timeframe of the 30 sec trailer.
This is the roughly composed trailer, it ticks just above 32 sec.
Dunno if I’l make it with the sound, it would be grat though.
Im off rendering everything, and hopefully I will be able to finish it by the end of the challenge…and put together making of, I will have to make it as simple as I can.
It would be great if the dedline date was pushed until friday or something.
I know we had fair amount of time, but I was spread allround, quiting my job at tv company to give my total attetnion to CG graphics, moving from one city to another, and stuff like that… but hey, that’s life.

Anyway, regards for now, and congrat’s to all the challengers who made it safe across the border, great projects here again.

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Very nice models,animation and vfx.I hope to see that final rendered.Good luck to you!


Storyboards for the purpose of challenge page, I have them submitted via image link in standard posting earlier in my thread.


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Storyboard art for the trailer.