Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Christopher Bischoff


Whow!! you finished 6 minutes of animation! You are fast! I am happy if i can finish my 30 seconds of animation! You are one fast animating/rendering/texturing/… machine!! :smiley:


Ha! For some reason I had the finish date marked as the 5’th in my diary…now i see its the 3rd!

Little update, act 1 and 2 are 100% complete. Act 3 is 100% complete as far the edit, and sound mix (excluding music) are concerned, and about 70% complete with the rendering. The actual compositing is pretty quick to do (all the files are already setup), so its just a case of waiting for the renders to be done! Im also rendering at HD, and I must say the renders look fantastic when played on a big screen!

Chris Haigh’s score for the film, is to sum it up in a word, incredible. He has managed to capture the mood and tone of Charon’s world, and his emotional journey fantastically. I couldnt be more proud of the work we have produced together!

Updates soon guys!


While waiting for the challenge uploader thing to…well…upload, here is a link to the download of the completed film.

Ive been having issues with the uploader timing out, so figure that its best to show that I have completed the film on time, if there are any issues (there shouldn’t be tho!)

Have at it!



test test,


Software: 3ds max

Teaser for deliarables.

Play Video >>


Software: 3ds max

Final Submission.

Play Video >>


Hey guys,

I was having MAJOR issues with the uploader last night…I think it uploaded properly, but Im not sure. If not, just wanna paste the link again for the download.

CHARON: The Ferrymaster

Apparently I messed up the sound levels…so pump up the volume!

Also, Chris brought to my attention the fact that the FX are drowning out the music. Im going to have another look at it today, and upload a different version with the sound levels worked out. Till then, here is his AMAZING soundtrack in all its mp3’d glory!

CHARON The Ferrymaster.mp3

Seriously guys…download it. Its that awesome. :smiley:


Hey guys…has anyone been able to stream the movie through the player? Im trying here, but it keeps dumping out. It does it with some of the other threads movies aswell. It could just be South Africa’s tin-cup and string internet connections tho…

Any help would be appreciated, and put my mind at ease!


Your Video is up, running, and looks really good! It has got a really cool mood! :thumbsup:


Thanks so much mate! I can breath now! Glad you enjoyed it. :smiley:


Hey Chris! Wonderful to see it finally done. I can really appreciate the amount of time you put into everything like the lighting, environments, smoke sims etc. What a massive undertaking! I love the mood you created, and some of the camera placement in some of the shots is great. The shot near the end, after Charon’s little girl is taken away by the demon, with the boat moving along the water was heartbreaking, because you knew that he no longer had something he cared about, but his fate (to guide souls across the river styx) could not change…and it was great that you didn’t need to “tell” the viewer that. It was conveyed perfectly by the mood of the shot.

I also really like the way the smoke “bubbled” in and out on the girl character. A very nice effect :thumbsup:

Congrats! Good luck in the judging phase :smiley:


Really well made Christopher… really appreciate all energy you put in this film, especially to obtain dream’s images, so beautiful and with a perfect mood… a result very strong, very passionating !

Much pleasure to watch the final animation of course… lot of style on…

Congratulations :applause:


Congrats on finishing it.

It looks great.


Great entry!!

Very beautifull shots and nice mood!!

Good luck to you!


Good job mate
and some memorable moments
Now good luck with judging!


Great Mood Pyke !
i like the colors and you made a cool work on the smoke :buttrock:
congrats !


Thanks for the comments guys!

Because I didn’t get around to making a MAKING OF, I’m going to type one up soon. Nothing to big, but just some things about how i set up my camera’s, why I chose certain shots, and what programs I used. At the end of the day, I think it will be more for me to get it out and officially’close’ the project. :smiley:

Thanks again to all!


The movie was BEAUTIFUL! what a great mood! And what an emotional piece! It were a GREAT 6 minutes watching this movie! Congrats on finishing such a long movie!

Goodluck with the judging!


Thanks mate. It was a long stretch, but an awesome comp!


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