Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Christopher Bischoff


WOW man! You create very strong mood! And your composition sense is great. i like it - nothing superfluous!


I was really inspired by the 2D feel of Prince Of Persia, particularly the menu systems, and really tried to get that feel across here-only a little less ‘light’.


Just some shots from Act 1 to show you guys that I am working on it. :smiley:


Acts 1 and 2 are almost complete (4 shots still to render), with ALOT still needed to do on Act 3! Starting to sweat here-but I’m confident I’ll get it all done with time to spare. :wink:


Thanks man! Your thread is amazing. I LOVE the painterly style!


Hey Chris , Good to see something new from you. I remember seeing your evolution of bone piece way back in 2004 before I even started CG .
This is looking awesome so far mate! I love the lighting and mood you have managed to create, From a fellow white zulu keep it up bro :thumbsup:


This is looking really good, nice mood and framing.
It’s a huge work for one person…

Would you post some more video updates?


Yes… I must be okay too… huge work on “all” you’re a complete artist man :applause:


Hey guys. Thanks for all the comments!

LinchpinZA-Thanks man. Yeah-i actually found all those files in a backup the other day. I should revisit that project some time-hopefully this time with better results! You working in the 3d field now?

musi-Ill definitely update some new video as soon as possible. Ill admit, right now I’m just stressing to get the files out the door!

Lemog-Thanks man. Your work is insane, so thats a huge compliment! There are definitely some areas that need work-but I’m generally happy with how its turning out!

I just heard the intro score that Chris did…and I just have to say WOW! I cant wait to see (and hear!) it all come together!

My PC is a little screwed right now, so I’m loosing out on rendering time! But it should all be sorted by this evening (I hope!)


Time is cutting short!!!


Duuuuuuuuude wheres the animation at!!! Stop teasing us!


Hehe, I second that! Loving the titles! Looks fab!


Christopher, your lighting and use of color is amazing! What software are you using for the character animation?


wow amazing renders and grading! love the bluish greenish dark style.


BUZZFX, Thanks so much. I run an archviz company, so we cant be to experimental with the lighting-so when I get the opportunity, I really enjoy playing around!

Its all done in MAX, from modeling, to texturing, to lighting. I built my own rig using MAX’s bones and such…no puppetshop or CAT or Biped. Its very much my first dip into any sort of rigging and animation, and I have learned a massive amount!

andreasng, Thanks very much!

I have an entire reason behind my colour palettes, using oranges for safety, greens for loneliness, and blues for intimacy…there is also an entire play on traveling from light into dark, and then after an event (no spoilers!), from dark into light.

There is one scene of (I’m hoping) sadness and shock, where Ive actually mixed all the colour pallet’s into the scene. I’m hoping that it conveys a mix of emotion.
I know this all sounds convoluted, but as there is only a few minutes to get a story across, I’m trying to use EVERYTHING at my disposal-and even if it works only partially at a subliminal level, Ill be a very happy person!


Hey guys. My uploader seems to be stuck on 100%… I’m gonna give it a little while and try again.

Anyways, here is a link to the download of the Teaser. Take a look and tell me what you think!

Ill hopefully have it up through the challenge uploader shortly…


Very nice work, great visuals, great atmosphere and use of sound, just a great trailer!! Congrats on finishing the trailer before the deadline! :smiley: GREAT WORK!!


Hey Pyke,

Glad to see an update :slight_smile:

The visuals in the trailer are really cool, but the sound is …:eek:/:sad:

First off…watch your levels. Had to put my volume at 20% just to prevent my ears from being blown out. Also, it would be nice if you added some ambient noise in the background to link all the hero-sounds together. Right now it’s kinda like: [sound effect]…[pause]…[sound effect]…[pause]…etc. Adding that background ambience would help tie the sounds together so the audio isn’t so disjointed. Also, the last sound effect when the title came up was a bit weird…didn’t really “read” well with me since I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be. Maybe something like a gong being hit deep within the earth, or an echoey voice coming out of a deep cavern, or cinders crackling would be better. Right now it sounds like a motorcycle :wink:


Hey Tyson,

Thanks for the crit man. Ill pull the sound levels WAAAAAAAAAAAAY down.
I agree about the ambient ‘white’ noise in the background. I have a few really nice ones (ripped from Star Trek ELITE FORCES…that games sounds are just awesome!), that ill pop in the background.
The last sound is supposed to be a growl…but I see what you mean. With a visual cue to accompany it, it doesn’t really have any ‘body’ to link it to. I think I know the perfect sound to replace it…


Hey man-this is just the teaser! The full animation clocks in at JUST under 6 minutes! :surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised