Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Christopher Bischoff






These images definitely give a good idea of the feel im going for…

C&C is a;ways welcome guys! Gotta get back to work now!


goody-goody good lord!!!

:beer: this is one of a few I´m reeeaaaallly looking forward to!

love; Pete


Woah man…now we’re talking!!! Can’t wait to see the video :smiley:


Nice touch with the blue fire, can’t wait to see the animation.


looking good so far. Anxious for more :thumbsup:


Just some more images from scenes. These full sequences haven’t completed rendering yet, but when they are done ill upload them in video. :wink:




And another for good measure. Ill be uploading a little video compilation of shots in the next hour or so. :wink:


Mostly completed, with a few tweaks needed. Ill upload more as they come out the other side of the renderer!

Play Video >>


Wow man very cool!!! Love the atmosphere and composition of the shots!

Only comment is that Charon’s walking needs a lot of work…looks like it’s entirely linear keys right now, although I can only assume when you mentioned “tweaks”, that’s one of the things you were referring to.

Great stuff!


Same remarks than Tyson about guy animation… for the rest… it’s very good… incredible and perfect mood :thumbsup:


Hey guys,

Thanks so much for the prompt replies! Yeah-his animation needs A LOT of work and tweaking. I’m still VERY new to character animation, so I’m learning as I go along. I must admit its quite fun, and quite addictive!

Ill carry on with his motions, trying to get the ‘stiffness’ out of them. Its very difficult on the more subtle movements to make them look fluid, set subtle. I must admit, animators are just incredible, and my hat goes off to you guys!


I really love what you did so far. I really love the style of the shots. Some are very dark and really fit in the whole.
I can’t really see from the shots how the scene is built up, and if it’s even possible to add more detail (it could be there is much getting lost), but i found a little helpful way to crank up some detail.

I think it could be helpfull in some shots, but i doubt it even is much needed. Since you have very dark environments with bright lights, you could use the fresnel reflection to your benefit. With a high reflection at the sides (when the normal points away to about 90° from the camera) you get a kind of backlighting. I think it could be very helpful for the shots inside the cave to bring out the rocks some more.

But besides that it already looks very nice.
Can’t wait to see this in motion.

cheers and happy new year


Looks interesting…


Very beautifull shots, great mood!!

good luck


that looks so cool ! yes, the character animation needs some more works, but the rest is beautifull !


i love the lighting , great job so far , keep it up :wink:


Nothingness, Thanks for the crit and help on the lighting. In the more close shots of Charon, where he is in the cave systems, Im doing exactly what you said, really trying to boost up the rim lighting.

Gitch, Thiago-Pires, and artistcg,
Thanks for stopping by my thread and offering those words of encouragement. Its these comments that keep my nose to the grindstone!

Animation is really my weak link in the entire pipeline-and is definitely the thing that needs the most work! Im hoping that the audience will forgive my weak animation tho for the (I think) cool story, and decent lighting and cinematography. :smiley:

Thanks again for checking out my thread guys! More to come soon!

I asked Chris Haigh to do the soundtrack for me, and he agreed! I just hope that the visuals will compliment his amazing sounds! Check out his (newly designed) website at and give his stuff a listen. Some seriously killer music there!