Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Christopher Bischoff


awesome shots. i’m kinda going in the same direction with my grim reaper in my rendition of charles dicken’s ‘‘srooge’’ - the ghost of christmas future.


I always loved the Charon character. Your model for him is looking Fantastic!

Can’t wait to see what you do with it!


Fantastic topic Pyke. Charon is my favourite Mythological Character. Death and underworld are so often seen as “dark” and “evil”, when in fact Death is 100% neutral. It is the perfect balance to life, and Charon could not be a more Neutral Character in this respect. The living toil and the dead seek rest, but Charon is simply the Vessel that links the two.

I like your Character concepts a lot, however in my mind I find it hard to picture those Characters in a steampunk environment. Perhaps you could give your Charon some sort of Mechanical spine, with the rest of him all bone and cloth. Just an idea.

On a side note my wife has a masters in forensics anthropology specialising in human remains. We have a TON of reference material on skeletons at home. I’d be happy to provide you with anything you like. Just send me a PM and I’ll get her to dig up whatever you ask for then send it to you.

Keep us updated! I think this thread will become really exciting really fast.



I dressed up as charon for a halloween party, made my costume painted my face. I love the concept. Your work looks great but perhaps not steampunky enough? good luck.


Ive been trying to figure out his clothing before adding on the extra details (belts, buckles, details, etc).

I think Ive got a good balance of skeleton to clothing ratio here, so can start adding in the needed details, weathering the clothes, etc.
Also, there is some major stretching happening on the bones, so they need to be mapped properly. Still a lot to do, but I suppose thats why its called a WIP Challenge!



Thanks man. Yeah-there is some horrid stretching on top of the skull! It needs some creative unwrapping, or something that I was considering was giving him hair…long thin strands of white hair…It may be to much, but I think its definitely something that I want to experiment with.


I saw your WIP thread…some really nice ideas there!


You and me both mate! Still so much to do and plan!


Thanks so much for visiting my thread and taking the time to comment. Ive always loved Charon aswell.
I was really considering adding some metal to his skeleton, but I worry that it will come across as ‘steampunk for the sake of steampunk’. I really want it to appear as tho the rest of the world carried on evolving technologically, and the denizens of the underworld just went along with it-but that they are still ‘who they are’. Basically that they use the technology provided for them, but it doesn’t change them. Perhaps some brass plates or pins the mend broken bones tho?

Thanks so much for the offer of the reference! My copy of Anatomy For The Artist has been well used here, and is looking rather tired. I will definitely take up your offer if I get stuck! Its an old copy, and I have a tendency to really USE books (draw in them, trace things out, even tear out some pages…much to everyones horror!)

Next update will showcase much more of the ‘steampunk’ feel I’m going to be adding. Thanks again everyone for checking out my thread. :smiley:


Your Charon is looking great man. I can tell you’re having difficulty figuring out how to attach the cloth to the form, though lol.
I see where you’re coming from about the technology evolving while the “denizens” remain the same. Much like humans today.
Reminds me of JP from gramma’s boy. “I’m only human…but I’m working on that!”.



yeah, nice touch on the cloth. it’s coming together quite nicely i think. keep it up.


Starting work on the ferry. I think that the steam powered engines may be a little to ‘imposing’, so Ill probably make them a little smaller, or even only have one engine.

Also gotta rig all the pistons and stuff, which is going to be fun!

I really wanna age it a lot as well. Broken planks of wood, perhaps some missing pieces on the engines…I even thought of having one engine working and the other one kinda dead, or just turning at half the speed of the other.


Very nice modeling, the steam boilers don’t seem to big considering the size of the wheel, need lots of pressure to make those turn :slight_smile:


Brilliant Pyke. I assume that long stick is some kind of oar? rotating down, then sliding up as it hits the bottom to push the ferry along? It’s a very cool design. It would be cool to see the back end swoop up to a point high above with a lantern hanging down, to keep in the mood of the original myth. Can’t wait to see more!



Wow dude! You’re really packin in the details! :eek:

Keep em coming!


The concept sounds great, and progress as far is very interesting too :slight_smile:

Good work! Waiting for more.


Nice modeling! Keep up the good work!:slight_smile:


great progress so far!

keep it up :thumbsup:



Wooow super cool style.
Great work so far! :slight_smile:


an excellent concept!!! good luck.


This is looking very promising so far. Nice work.



Incredible speed and quality in your work :thumbsup: I’ll be watching this one :slight_smile:


It looks very good, congratulations!!