Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Christoffer Andersen


Software: Maya

Almost done with rigging the main character, so thought I’d try and do some other stuff.
I started a bit on scene 9, which is a rather easy scene (at least animation wise). It’s the Point of view scene, where he looks down at the ground, while flying high above the clouds.
Just started playing with the clouds and some treetops.

Rendered with software render, as it gave the far quickest results, compared to mental ray, but it should be kept in mind, that shading/lighting/rendering is DEF. not where I shine, so it’s gonna take a lot of work to make it look good, and still keeping acceptable rendertimes, as I usualle just set up a spot light, throw in some HDRI, turn on GI and FG and hit render :wink:

I think it works okay so far, but obviously needs a LOT of work, hehe…


Hey champ.

Wouw you’ve been busy!

Looking good. Simply can’t wait to see some animation on that giant machine… I’m very curios as to how you will put the weight and “massiveness” into the animation!

keep going strong buddy! :beer:


Hey Aske :slight_smile:
Well, I try to get as much down as possible.
I’m a little worried about the animation process. I fear a bit that I’ll run out of time, and that it won’t be as good as I hope, but let’s see.
Usually the animation part is the one I really love, so hopefully it’ll be alright :slight_smile:


Software: Maya

Okay, I promise you, this is the last borring T-pose screen I’ll show you :wink:

I finished up the rigging on the main character, which means all I have left is binding him and the machine, then I’m ready for animation.

I’ll iron out any kinks there might be (there WILL be some) on the rig and binding, as I move on animating the first sequence, as I thinks it’s easyest to do so when the rig is in action.

Next update should involve motion to SOME degree at least :wink:


Awesome :slight_smile: I can’t wait.


Software: Maya

I’ve worked all day on finishing the rigs and a now putting final touches on them and merging the two into one big rig.
I desided to take a little break and surf the internet for some sound effects.
As far as I can tell, we are allowed to use sound FX from the internet right? As long as they are free to use for personal projects. I don’t suspect this to be “professional” work in that sense, or am I wrong?

Anyways, I spend about 1 hour on finding these sounds and editing it into my storyboard. It’s still VERY early, and maybe it’s too soon to even show you guys but hell… it’s WIP right? :slight_smile:

So here is the storyboad with a VERY early sound design.

Play Video >>

Thanks mate. Glad you like it :slight_smile:


For some strange reason I can’t log onto my ChallengeUploader, but that shouldn’t prevent you guys from being updated! :slight_smile:

I started animating a bit today. In particular two shots. Neither of them are considered FINAL yet, so comments and critique are more than welcome.


Wow, this is really going to be a cool short! I can’t wait to see the finished product.


Software: Maya

Here it is again, this time a regular upload, in flv version.
Sorry about the inconvienience, I could log on to ChallengeUploader.

Play Video >>

Thanks a lot mate! :slight_smile:
I’m glad you like it.


Software: Maya

This is the current state of the film.
Some shots are still storyboard, others are barely touched and some are more or less final.

Comments are of couse welcome :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


Very nice progress…

I think you should be aware of the weight of the machine.

It will almost be impossible to stand still with such a big machine.

Damn, you will be finished in no time :slight_smile:


Hey Dennis.
Yeah, it definatly needs a lot more motion throughout the hole thing pretty much :slight_smile:
Nahh, I don’t think I’ll be done anytime soon.
I need A LOT of work still, and deadline coming up pretty fast… heeeelp :confused:

But I WILL finish this one. I have to…


I plan to have this whole sequence animated before sunday, as I leave for my parents for christmas and can’t work on this project untill after newyears.
Then I hope to animate the last part within a week plus some day after newyears, as I’ll have those days dedicated to this project.

The main issue I have, is the transition between shot 1 and 2. The motion of the machine isn’t really carried through the two shots, so it looks a bit strange.
Then of couse shot 3 which has barely been touched.
The rest I think works pretty well, but it probably needs a bit of touch here and there.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


Look really good, but his legs need to tremble more, more short steps, moving his centre of gravity to counter the weight shifts of the engine.


hehe nice man i can`t wait to see the whole animation. Maybe add some more emotion to his face.


Thanks man!
I’ll add some more weight to it (or try at least) :slight_smile:
Update should follow tomorrow sometime :slight_smile:

Hey mate :slight_smile:
Yeah, he face should be pushed a little more, although my vague facial rig doesn’t allow for that much emotion.


Software: Maya

I’m finishing up on the first part of the film, before he leaves the garden or whatever with his big machine.
I thinks it’s pretty close to finish, but I’d of couse like your opinion about it too :slight_smile:

Here is a quicktime link (sorensen, 23 mb) for better animation review.

Play Video >>


I think it looks good.

When the closeup of his head and upper body comes, and he pulls the thingy. It think it could be cool if he was strugling some more too optain the balance.

He looks a bit stiff.

Is there coming a update soon? :slight_smile:


Hey Dennis :slight_smile:
Thanks for you comment!

Yeah, updates will come for sure, but I’m home with my parents now, away from my computer (but at least i have time for some sketching :)), so updates won’t come before after new years.
I try to do a bit of research in lighting and stuff, while I can’t work on the project. I gotta say I miss it though :frowning:


Software: Maya

Okay, finally back on this project.
I spendt the day today working on the environment.
Both lighting, material and modeling.

Still need some work, but it’s a start.
The smoke is not working too great, and i messed up with my keylight, so it’s not as dominant as it’ll get in later versions.
Then I’ll need some more work on the machine, considering textures and materials.

I won’t spend time on rendering out animation before I start at school the 12th, becouse then it can just render while I’m not home.

So the plan atm. is to finish all animation before the 12th, and then I have about two weeks for lighting (almost done), materials (needs a bit of work) and rendering/comp which should go pretty smooth, at least the comp.