Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Christoffer Andersen


Thanks mate. It’s good to hear. I’ll definately need the luck :wink:

Hey man. I’ll really glad you like it.
I hope I can follow this all the way home.

I hope to have modelled both the man and the machine, and rigged both, for the end of the next week (week 48), and to start animation from week 49, but if it will happend before that, then it’s fine by me. A lot of work need to be done.


Hi Christoffer.

Looking good :slight_smile: I think you could push the perspective more in some of the shots in your story, to make some more tension. Most of the shots seem very neutral.

Maybe you could have a camera more from below at the Heat-o-meter. Or something :slight_smile:

Keep it up :wink:


Software: Maya

Another update.
I spend a while working on the collar og his shirt. Haven’t been modeling for some time now, so I had a bit of trouble making a nice flow around that area, but I eventually worked it out pretty well, I guess.

Nothing much to say. Just have to work some more on it in general, but the basic shape is coming along fine.

Yeah, true. I could probably push the angles a bit more.
I’ll leave that to when I actually have to set the cameras up in 3d space. For now, I believe it will work as it is.


Software: Maya

Yet another update.
Moving along with the basic of the character. I only need the head now, and then add a all of those details, that makes it a lot more interesting to look at.
Although I think most of it will come in the texturing.

I’ll try and keep it all very simpel, though.


Hi Christoffer,

It's a nice touching story you have got here :) Simple and clean designs too. 

Is that the low poly character that you are going to rig? I am working as a rigger and character TD, and if I would to rig a cartoony character like that, I would ask my modeler to add some loops in strategic places, where the character is to bend the most. One loop between knee and ankle, and hip and knee is too little - skinned geometry will collapse on bend, and specially on twist. The same goes for arms. It would also be good to add a couple of loops across the body and along sides of the body for the same reason. And at least one more loop across the neck…
Usually, I would ask my modeler to give me 5 loops across the joint. Say for a knee there would be a middle loop and 2 loops in the both directions from it, for getting a nice falloff in skinning.
I can see you have a nice little bend in knees, it would be nice to have the same for elbows - just to define where the elbow is, and to have an angle for IK handle to know in which direction to bend.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:

Shape is very nicely captured.

Good luck! 
I am going to join the video category too, as a team member :)


Hey Musi :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for your reply.
You’ve got some very good pointers there.
My idea is to give it a smooth division of 1 after modeling, which I am gonna unwrap and rig/skin/animate upon.
For rendering I’ll give it yet another smooth division, landing on a total og 2 divs.

I’ll hopefully work some more on it tonight, and I’ll show the skinning wire then, but you can get a general idea in the first character WIP I postet :slight_smile:



Software: Maya

Still modeling on the character. It should be done tomorrow or the next day at least.

To the right you can see the density that I’ll be skinning/unwrapping/animating in.
The actual mesh I’m working with now is a lot less dense, but it is a bit too low poly, so the shape changes a lot from no smooth to smooth with 1 div.

For rendering it’ll get yet another division.


Software: Maya

Yet another update, but getting close on finalizing him!
Spend the entire day today, working on him. Just need the last touches on the face, and unwrap it, then I’m done!


U know i Like it :wink:

A little feedback…

If you look closely you can see that the texture is mirrored, maybe that should be changed. Also, when you make texture, it would be nice with some more details, i bit like this:

U can see the fabric. I think it would give a nice toucht to your character.


Software: Maya

Okay, I think I’ll leave him as he is for now. He’ll work the way he is, I think.
I have devoted some time for texturing, so it’ll be worked on some more, later on.
Now I’ll move over to the machine.

Yeah, dreamworks rocks! Hehe, I see what you mean of course. I’ve added a bit more fabric in the texture, but I’ll leave it for now. I would like to keep it simple.


Software: Maya

First view of the machine.
Nothing much to say. I’m trying to work as close to the concept as possible.
Getting the toony style transferred into 3d, but still make it look like it could fly (even though it couldn’t in any way, what so ever).

Like a bumblebee, right? :wink:


Software: Maya

Worked some more on the machine.
Just need a few more details to make it look homemade and old.
Then it’s texture and rigging time :slight_smile:


looks promising… as you already mentioned, a little more time spend on the textures wouldn’t hurt… especially on the skin as it seems to be very likely to burn out when lighting.

The goggles might need some colorwork too or something, cause it’s a little hard to seperate them from the eyes.

Everything else, top notch! I like it! Good luck! :thumbsup:


Software: Maya

Another update.
Need to place bolts in all the corners of the plates, and then unwrap/basic textureing, and I’m ready to rig it and the guy.

Can’t wait to start animating it all!

Hey mate :slight_smile:
Yeah, textures needs a touch or two.
But thanks!


Hi there Christoffer,

Progressing nicely :slight_smile: It is a neat style you have for your project, almost like a bit of Tim Burton in it! What are your plans on scenery and envirounment? Would be sweet if they had the same odd and unbalanced shapes like the man and his machine.

Perhaps the machine needs a little diversity in it, like one of the plates being rusty, or in a different hue?

Looking forward to see the completion of the machine - a little brass and the placing of the bolts, and it is ready to fly high! :wink:


Hey Søren :slight_smile:
Thanks for your comment!
I haven’t planed on making a very detailed environment, but I’ll definately design it, as the machine/man is designed.
I have unwrapped each plate individually, so they will have difference in look.


Software: Maya

Finally got the model done.
Took a while, placing all the bolts manually, but now that they are there, I think they give it a nice touch.
I got the entire thing unwrapped as well, and as you can see i started a bit on the rigging.

Next week will bee rigging both the machine and the character, as well as doing some basic texturing of the machine.
Hopefully I can start animate in the end of next week.


Software: Photoshop

Tried to time out my storyboard.
It’s probably not totally correct, but it should be pretty close

Play Video >>


Software: Maya

Finally got the machine rigged.
The scene is fairly good organized, and the rig works to it’s purpose.
Now it time for the character.


Software: Maya

Almost done with the rigging.
Need to do some blendshape work, and little here and there, then I’m off to binding and ready for animation