Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Arseniy Chebynkin


Great work, guys, waiting for a final result )


Begin modeling Bridge city
Additional models of small buildings - d1ver


круто выходит! )


Crazy russian modelers %) :eek:


awesome work here, also a great concept. Im looking forward to the final result!


Everyone seems to be doing very good on this entry. I look forward to the finished product.


Incredible! Good luck with this. I just cant wait to see some animation, thats when the fun starts.


New Characters, spy agent, and Lord Levi commander railway battlecruiser, and Verethragna soul dragon (Force of souls of deities feeds units and engines of machines in this world) all in progress, soon more details!


Always the incredible style… so great and pleasant :beer:

thanks for all the good updates… and happy new year :wavey:


You guys have a GREAT style in all your models and so much details! The animation/film must be awesome, when all those detailed models are put together and move together! Goodluck!


final upd 3d modeling Leviathan knight comander


Great work!!
Do you already have an storyboard?


Heavy armour! )


Fascinating :buttrock:

very good knight design :beer:


:wink: great.
he really lookse much better then on the previous picture.The cloack add a very nice feel to it to. :wip: keet it up


you guys really rock hard.

so, forgive me for this stupid question:
how is a huge locomotive leviathan supposed to attack an enemy if you have to build the railroad ahead of it? :slight_smile:

just kidding, don’t worry!
I suppose it was intended more as a defense war machine…
the design really looks great and in steampunk nobody asks this questions,
we just need huge and angry machines!!!

keep rocking, great work.
we want to see the animations!


Nice work! this reminds me of “Last Exile” and the Vanships.



[left]Thank all you very much for the comments! We are glad that you come to this thread.

Thiago-Pires, yes we have storyboard, soon you will see it.[/left]

[left]ru-bonsai, About locomotive. This is the defensive machine, it will protect the bridge-city from attack airships. :slight_smile:


Leviathan commander looks very cool. :applause: Btw how did you do his cape? You used cloth simulation or just sculpted it in Z-Brush or Mudbox?


The first stage storyboard. City - bridge, the secret agent, armada of airships, attack. Part B coming soon!