Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Arseniy Chebynkin


Great model, I agree with deadrockboy about steampunk elements, I think the colors or shading are also contributing to that. It’s just my point of view, but certainly the model is great. Go ahead.

Paulo C. Duarte


Very ambitious warship


Begin modeling railway battlecruiser Leviathan


leviathan already looks awesome…good job on texturing so far…:thumbsup:
can’t wait to see it finished :love:


Great job… like much this kind of design man… best wished for the continuation… that rocks :thumbsup:


deadrockboy, Сolor design “verethragna” maybe change, now it Modern Steampunk style :slight_smile:
Thanks for kind words! :slight_smile:


Yeah,kickass! :buttrock:
you’d better be wearing neutral gang colors sucka :twisted:


damn… this is detail, this is passion, this is good, this gonna rock, just make it on time :slight_smile:
good luck!


Wow… Just WOW!


Leviathan 3d model update modeling


Impressive work so far on the vehicle.


Too strong… I love much the design… perfect :applause:


The plan of a stage and action in it.


Your work is great. Very dramatic.


Yep… the global scene appear already very impressive ! I’m impatient…


O4en krasivie matte risunki! Posmotrel tvoi profil na deviantart - net slov :slight_smile: O4en krasivo.
Uda4i tebe v konkurse, budu sledit za tvoim progressom!

Best of luck!


Woah! you are going so well, nice work sofar, keep going :wip:


d1ver, Hell yeah dude! )
arturro, thanks! )
kody, thx comrade!
authentic, thanks!
Lemog, thanks!
ohitsallama, thanks!
digi_est, thanks, good luck you too!
mim-Armand, thanks!


Final upd modeling Leviathan battlecruiser


Hey man,

Just had to drop by and tell u guys the models are looking pretty bad-ass.
The Leviathan locomotive has some crisp clean lines and textures look great so far.
It would be cool to get a few different angles so viewers can see more of the model
from a different perspective. Peace…