Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Arseniy Chebynkin


i know this is a bit out of context with this thread, but how did you get the image in?

i’ve been trying to insert my work in progress stuff but can’t… using the insert image button give me this script prompt and asks me for the url of the image. typing in the link to the file doesn’t do anything.

any tips


epic work guys :buttrock:
I like also the presentation of your wips, with the steampunk layout etc…attention to details everywhere, even in the presentation :slight_smile:


Terrific designs!!! Good luck in the challenge.


I have the same problem… ANSWER: You must have posted 30 posts before you can upload any file. I emailed CGTalk about whether this restricts new members, but haven’t had a reply.


Partially true. Once you have made two posts you can upload attachments up to 512kb using the Manage Attachments function. Once you have 30+ posts you can have up to 1mb.

ALTERNATELY you can upload your pictures to an image hosting service like Photobucket or your own webspace and use the “Insert Image” button to embed the file.

Please direct queries of this type to the CGTalk Support Forum in the future :slight_smile:


the city looks real smokin’ :buttrock:


Really love where you are going with your challenge! Even your WIPS just ooze style. :smiley:


d1ver :surprised shoked!


Concept one main character, girl, commander fleet of fighting dirigible, Evistern.


Very cool character painting! The city looks great too - look forward to seeing how you realize it all in the animation. Good luck!


Very NICE stuff!!! Really nice Powerconcepts.

That “battlecruiser Leviathan” blew my head off…

I’ll check this thread for more later.

Dont stop…spin that gear!


3d model character Evistern, not finish, but soon upd! %)


Great concepts and great drawings/paintings… Hope you’ll have enough time to keep the quality this high. Good luck. Can’t wait to see the final…


Hi Arseniy,

That’s beautiful model, very true to the concept!
You guys are artists :bowdown:!


Ты сам видео будешь делать, или бандой?




Thanks for comments! We shall try! ^)
Slozhny, bandoy, nas 6 chelovek :slight_smile:


hardy-guardy, Yo comrade! ^) эскизы по окружению на подходе! :slight_smile:


Dudes, that huge train-tank thing is awesome! The 3d model of the character looks solid to me as well! Definately looking forward to updates!



Battle Dirigible concept, for VVCephei