Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Andrei Brovcenco


Haha hilarious design, man. It looks awesom. They’ve got a lot of character in them.
Great work so far! Keep it up.


awsome detail you got there.


i really like this character


nice models, congratulations!!!


Hello, everyone, Thanks for comments and sorry for the late update. This is a small part of my Steampunk environment.


I’m back to work at the steampork… and here is a shot. Since now I’ll be working harder for it, updates will flow in more frequently.


Framebreed your character is becoming very cool! Your modeling and style are very consistent beautiful work there! congrats man!:buttrock:


Wow! How did this thread slip through my radar!
Your translation from concept to model is spot on.


Wow haha! He’s so cute :smiley:

Reminds me of some of the characters from Blue Sky’s “robots”.


Cool style you got there, i also like the environnement, with this iron-tube-tree…a lot of goods ideas put together :slight_smile:

Will be a fun one for sure :bounce:


Thanks for the comments guys, always welcome!
Here is the wip for the environemnt.


Here is the a WIP shot for my protagonist. Still modelling…


tine-o tot asa :slight_smile:
nice work


what a great tree design, the pipes fit it so well!


Funny, cute and simpathetic… glad to discover your huge project man…

congratulations… all is already well made and deisgned… I will be happy to follow the newt steps…
I wish you the best for the challenge :thumbsup:


Ah Yeah! really great model and lovely atmosphere!
GL buddy, :wink:



Thanks guys for feedback! I’ll update soon with mapped character and with the second character. Good luck to you too!


Wow this is so cool :slight_smile:
Only one thing - i cant see text in your storyboard :slight_smile:
can you show higher quality ?


Wonderful stuff. Great lighting. I am looking forward to more.


Staszek, sorry, the storyboard is done as a guideline for us, and it’s in romanian.

The story is like this:

Trav down, (voice off: For a thousand years he waited for a drop of water), we see a mechanical apple form, filling with water. A drop of water leaks and falls.
We see the drop of water crushing on something, “The Bug” freaks out, seeing that it was just a drop he has a relief. We see that this scene happens actually on the tongue of the steampork. A light on his forehead blinks making a subtile sound, we understand that from that drop of water he gained a energy kick, enough to swalow the bug. The bug is filled with water too, so our protagonist has more energy to yeat the apple that just formed. From the hole in the “bulb” of that tree trunk another of those bugs gets out " - Duude, where are you?" searching for the first one. The steampork in a free fall gets the other bug ( – Yeeeehaaa). The steampork starts the engine again {we’ve put a trick in this one which will revealed in animation} (steampork - Water!), and we see the lake at the horizont). (voice off: will he manage to survive in this steampunk world?..) The steampork moving at full speed… his engine stutters, the sound of flashing light again. (voice off: Or Not…) The steam pork falls down, in the same position as in first scene, only 20 cm far from lake’s water.

The End.

Hope I put it allright to understand it paralel to the storyboard

Thanks for the feedback guys!