Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Andrei Brovcenco


Andrei Brovcenco is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: Finished compilation


C&C are welcome!


i like ur idea
keep on


Very nice concept! Good Luck!:beer:


Funky Concept


greate start. Like you hand in this sketch . Gives idea not only about ‘structure’ but also shows character.
Good luck


Thanks everyone. Hope I’ll make it ok till the deadline!


The story is great and character looks fantastic, goodluck buddy and harry, :smiley:



love the sketch, very cute.


The pig is great, you just nailed it…
Your start is good, desig of the pig has potential, it will be interesting for me to see how this one developes.


Here comes the SteamPork! Long way to go in the modeling part yet. I’ll put one screenshot per day with the progress we achieved.
C&C are welcome!


Our steampunk protagonist is a Pig, a flying one. The plot of the trailer, which in our case is short story, is based on this character’s constant need for water (as his engine runs on it) so… “For a thousand years he waited for a drop of whater”…and boom, he has it, what he’ll do next?!
How he’ll manage to use this energy kick to discover and trigger a domino-like chain of actions which will lead him (or not) to salvation in this steampunk world.


Very unique characters! I like it a lot; and good start on modeling. I’ll check back for more updates.


Thanks guys! Here is another work-in-progress.


I love your character guys. He’s really fantastic and Unique.
Here’s some reference for you guys. Even if you don’t use it as ref, it’s a fun watch.




Here is the scanned sketch of the bug, a “container” of water. A good “desert” for our pig.


Here is the scanned sketch of the pig. The 3D version will be comming soon here.


Here is the first part of the storyboard.
There is actually a first scene, which you can see it at the end of the second sheet of the storyboard.


And this is our story. Hope you’ll like it, but most of all, hope we’ll finish it in time.

Thanks everybody!

Good luck!


Here is another render of our character.
Still modeling…