Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alexandra Ciolac


Lol! Production baby in a two and a half month production is pretty cool! Congrats to the lucky one :smiley:

I really loved the final outcome! Looks awesome, and great to see you guys finished it, even though there were a couple of setbacks.
Nicely thorough making-of as well :slight_smile:

Good luck in the judging, and congrats on a nice finished piece!


Your work is amazing, shots are very well done and composition to. I love the way the shadow of that legged boat casts on the clouds bellow it, it’s really imersive. Love it! Great job!


Excellent work all the way, people :thumbsup: Be proud.


Yep, Esben is the lucky one :smiley:
Thanks Christoffer! There where a couple of times when I thought it will never be finished and was ready to give up… Glad I didn’t, and glad others didn’t too!

The way the story is talled is Esben’s good work - he knows how to tell a story. And that sea of fog is a great job done by Andreas.
Thank you!

Thank you so much, Martin! We did our best :slight_smile:


Congratulations to the team… your shotd are especially beautiful :applause:
all fits together perfectly… great work :beer:


thanks everyone. Yeah production baby. hehehe. Hope Esben thinks its alright i put it in. just thought it was funny.

framebreed: yeah that shadow thing. it took me 4 shots before i got it right. Turned out that the easyest way was the one looking the best. I tried two times where i modelled the clouds, and gave them a “background” shader so they would only catch the shadows from the boat. That was horrible. Then i tried animating it by hand, which came quite close. But the I finally figured out that i could use the clouds as a sort of displacement map in AfterEffects. I only got a very old AfterEffects so I was quite surprised that it could actually do displacement.
Well it turned out to look great… not very realistic, but very very plausible.

thanks to all.

I am so glad we finished this.


I love it! Great work. I hope to make more cool stuff with you soon! Karoline the production baby says “bllllrrrrr”



Really awesome work guys…a pleasure to watch! Good luck!


bravo, well worth the effort guys.



:bowdown:Awsome! Everything is super nicely executed! Love the dark’ish style!:bowdown:


This is one of the better entries I have seen. It came out very nice. I really like the overall concept… the walking boat is bizarre … in a good way. Best of luck to you.


Esben, it’s your story telling, and I am very glad that you are our story teller!
Very happy you like the final result :slight_smile: Hope Karoline likes it too :scream:

ivanisavich, dinfet, aghill, ohitsallama
Thank you so much guys! Appreciate your kind words and very glad you like our film!
Best of luck to you too!


Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray,Photoshop

Some æast minute changes :slight_smile:

The Old Man and the Sea, novella by Ernest Hemingway, written in Cuba in 1951 and published in 1952. It was the last major work of fiction to be produced by Hemingway and published in his lifetime.

Steampunk interpretation:
The world has become a dark place.
Poisonous fog covers the earth.
The few survivors live on islands above the fog.
Water is vital for survival, but pure water only exists in the boilers of mechanical fish that floate in the sea of fog, and origins of which nobody knows.
It has been 84 days since Santiago last caught one. But today will be a good day…

“Fish,” he said, “I love you and respect you very much. But I will kill you dead before this day ends.”

Play Video >>


Hey Sasha,

wooooow, AWESOME!!, bravisimo! :smiley:

What can I say? This is a totally cool animation!! Great concept, great designs, great mood!! Love it!!

Guys and gal :smiley: , you make an awesome and beautiful work!! Congratulations for this amazing artwork in motion :slight_smile:

Time for a lot of tequila shots!! Cheers!! and all the best!! :beer:


Hi Fernando,

Thank you so much :slight_smile: You are very kind to prize our work so high.
I am very happy you liked it! I guess we are a good team, we all have our strengths, and it looks like we can and like working together.

Thanks again, Fernando


Congratulations to you all… great… great… great… I’m fan of your originality… and about the marvellous mood… very good work… and finally… in time… just perfect !

Best wishes for the judging time :beer:


Your final movie looks just great!
Awesome camera work and extraordinary mood!

Congratulations! :beer:


Lemog and cmdrpi
Thank you very much! It was a bit of a struggle to get it done in time, but it was also fun to work on it :slight_smile:
And it’s great to have so much support from fellow artists :scream:.


Congratulations to all the crew!!

You did an amazing video with a very beautifull art direction and great 3d work!!!

Good luck:applause:


Excellent job ! very beautiful !
You did a great job Alexandra ! and the team too…:thumbsup: