Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alexandra Ciolac


Compositing by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).
Rendering by Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac (musi).

The opening shot. Like the worn off look Andreas have got :slight_smile:


yeah we are trying to make it a bit like the concept drawings of the boat and stuff.

There is hand drawn clouds, a paper texture layer, which randomly flutters around, noise layer, a massive curves tweak.

i havent got the most up to date programs. So it is not the famous Lens Blur from After Effects, but rather a sort of compound blur used for the BG.


Hi Esben,
We glad you like it. I think Andreas is doing a greate job compositing, it is a very interesting look he is getting. At first I thought there where too much color all over the place, but then things started felling to their places - and I am quite happy with it now :slight_smile:
So, how is your little peoject is going :wink:

Hi Fernando! I should make the same appology - this time around I have been so busy that didn’t get to visit your thread as often as I wanted to :slight_smile: It was a good concept you had there… Oh, well, we will meet again for the next challenge!
Thanks for your nice words, both here and on my abandoned image entry, I appreciate your help very much!
See you next time, my friend! And we (my team) will do our best to meet your expectations :slight_smile:


Compositing by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).
Rendering by Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac (musi).

Some more frames…


Compositing by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).
Rendering by Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac (musi).

And more…


Compositing by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).
Rendering by Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac (musi).

And one more…


i love the colours :slight_smile:


thanks heleb.


beautiful work guys, the mood really suits the mysterious nature of your story. Best of luck finishing up.:thumbsup:


Thanks Duncs :slight_smile:
Working hard to finish!


Everything looks great and …coherent.
Do you use some kind of lens post work in it?


fgdf: No no lens blur… but close. I havent got the lates of the latest of anything, so we’ll have to do with a “compound” blur.

thanks for the comments. :scream:


Great colours. And the animatics I found in the doscussion look very good. I wonder how it looks rendered and composited.
Anyway good luck:)


Compound blur ROCKS
Best to you!


Very beautifull shots and compositing!!
Great style!

All the best for you


thanks TP, i hope you’ll finish yours. only 2 days left

We’ve got the music almost done. MAde by Erik Lundgren. He has made some very very different music from what we would have expected, but it is good. We werent really sure what we wanted for the music. If it had to be silent and ambient, or epic or what ever. But what Erik Made fits very well. It’s humorous, and wierd at the same time. It tells the story like stories was told back in the steam days, which is good. With harmonicas and violins, but not as in a symphonian manner, more like easter european. Hard to explain, you’ll hear once it’s finalized and uploaded.

The sound effects has been as well. Also very cool. Especially when the old man fires the harpoon.


We are kind of in a pickle right now.

Our main feature is 35 seconds long. Which leads to a final deliverable which looks like this:

30 seconds trailer (which is 85% of full length)
90 seconds Making of
35 seconds full feature.

… (_) pathetic

I guess i have to cut the thing down with a few seconds, and put on some different music for that. It’s just not cool to have people only watch the trailer for something thats already a trailer, and short enough to be. And our main feature has cool sounds and nice music.



Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray,Photoshop

The Old Man and the Sea, novella by Ernest Hemingway, written in Cuba in 1951 and published in 1952. It was the last major work of fiction to be produced by Hemingway and published in his lifetime.

Steampunk interpretation:
The world has become a dark place.
Poisonous fog covers the earth.
The few survivors live on islands above the fog.
Water is vital for survival, but pure water only exists in the boilers of mechanical fish that floate in the sea of fog, and origins of which nobody knows.
It has been 84 days since Santiago last caught one. But today will be a good day…

“Fish,” he said, “I love you and respect you very much. But I will kill you dead before this day ends.”

Play Video >>


GREAT WORK GUYS! Best to you all!


Thanks adib!

We did finish it! Still can’t believe it…