Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alexandra Ciolac


as said before i luv the eye! :rolleyes: iz cüül!


By Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).

Another animation preview - with the first test of fog and clouds.
Andreas says:
.the sun has maya glow in render
.colors still wrong (!)
.need smoke (could be AE)
.need steam (could be AE)
.need rope
.need rope cylindre (shot5 i think)

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Oh my, quality of the video after conversion is horrible! What we gonna do with the final? It’s almost embarrassing to show it like that!


By Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac

The final shading of the fish - we decided to go with the last version (it’s may be difficult to see, but there is a difference between 2 last ones ;))


i like those funny eyes :slight_smile:


looks great sasha.


I don’t imagine textured like that… but the main important, that works… superb… good continuation… the time run fast now :wavey:


Rendering by Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac (musi).
Compositing by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).

And some shots are out. We have rendered out all the fish shots…
We are so very busy trying to finish! Almost no time for anything else…


Rendering by Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac (musi).
Compositing by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).

Another frame from the same shot.


Rendering by Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac (musi).
Compositing by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).

I love this shot!


Rendering by Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac (musi).
Compositing by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).

But this eye closeup is my absolutely favorite in all the fish shots :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your support, guys, we need it very much right now :slight_smile:

Yep, we are very busy trying to finish… We are only two left now: Esben is quite busy with his own little project - he has to learn how to be a father, cose he got a charming little daughter :slight_smile: And believe me, she is SO cute!


I wonder how did you see it textured… And time actually runs now! We need just a little more of it :slight_smile:

Heh, yep, the eye looks really loke a fish eye, doesn’t it…

Thanks :slight_smile: Those gears where Andreas’s idea.

Thanks! It was pleasure to work with a good concept, it actually means a world if one likes the model one builds… At some point one gets almost parental feelings towords it…
Odd, hah :smiley:

O, we are in a very big hurry! We are doing our best, and right now I am optimistic that we will finish it. Just that it could be SO much better with a little more time!

Sorry we are not here as often as we wish to be, but we are as all you other artists are running as fast as we can towords the finishing line, and there is no time to look around! And we both have some hard times at work too - deadlines somehow have a tendency to flock together :slight_smile:


Woaw, amazing renders!
I hope you’ll be able to finish on time… You guys have to!


by Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac (musi).

This is my evenings work: added ropes. Done with Maya hair.
It’s just a playblast, hope you can see what’s going on :slight_smile:
The biggest thing I got out of this little scene is the method of how to do ropes for other more difficult scenes…

Thanks Christoffer! We are trying :slight_smile: Got to go to bed now…

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wow, awesome work! I love your ideas :wink:


Thank you :slight_smile: We had a couple of team meetings and brainstormed a lot of ideas, and then picked out the best ones. There where a couple we loved but couldn’t realize in time, so we had to drop them…


It is looking great. I look so much forward to see it finished. Thumbs up!



Hey Sasha,

First , very sorry to be late on your thread :slight_smile:

I´m very impressed with the fantastic work that you are making, the designs, textures and renders are simply awesome, love the amazing mood on your concepts!! Cant wait to see more !! The best luck my friend!! Cheers!! :smiley:


Thanks Guys for the kind words. :love:

At the moment Sasha is rendering the scenes, and i’m doing the compositing. We got Erik Lundgren to do sound design and music - I can’t wait to hear it. I hope it’ll be epic, sophisticated and brutally crisp.

I think we’ll stop uploading more animation, till the we upload the Final video.

I’ll take screengraps of the compositing for Sasha to upload as we finish the scenes.


Compositing by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).
Rendering by Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac (musi).

Ready composited trame from sc0060, with some post effects of steam.


Compositing by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).
Rendering by Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac (musi).

Post effect of smoke - i think Andreas did a very nice job on this!