Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alexandra Ciolac


And some more detail on the man…

by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).


Nice concept although the old man does not seam particularly old.


no you are very right.

he must be much older. more bend in the back. more wrinkles, and maybe some beard, or at least a mustache. thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Just wanted to pop in and say hi…

First tim I ever saw such a thorough WIP thread… very cool you share the pipeline diagrams and namingconventions too!

I really like the overall theme and dig parts of the design as well. Cool thing you got going on with the rope-mechanism going through his arm.

As I remember the old man back from reading the story his skin was very tanned, wrinkled, old and dry from all the salt-water!

Anyways good luck… will follow this one for sure! :thumbsup:


oh goody! the wrinkled salty skin is so cool. that is way too good to ignore. i’ll implement that, when i get around to designing him for real.

tonight we’ll discuss the boat adn fish. And wait a bit with the old man. So Jimmy can get started on the modelling.



Hi Aske :wavey:,

From the start we have decided to show as much of our work as we can… And why not pipeline and naming conventions too? After all, there may be somebody out there that can give us a good tip or two on that topic too :slight_smile:


wow i love the adaptation of the story. The fish are a really cool concept guys! keep up the great work.


by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).
Andreas says:
“a quick muckup of some of the ideas from our meeting. I’ve started digging into the details of the design, technology and functionality of the different mechanisms inside and on the boat. The idea is to give Jimmy some liberties in the modelling phase as well. This design sheet will become more crowded in a couple of days, but it’ll give you guys a sence of the boats appearance, and Jimmy has got something to start modelling from. /a”

We had a team meeting yesterday, where we have agreed on some technical details, got some deadlines set (Esben is working on timeline, and soon will post it), and talked about story and designs. We also got a server running (thanks to Egon Jensen for help with that).


Thanks guys and girl :wink: for a great meeting yesterday. I think we got a good overview over the things we need to do. Next week will be very productive i think :slight_smile:

Wow, very nice Andreas :wink:
I’m looking forward to get started on it.


wow! somany so greate concepts ! amazing works…

Your plan looks very serious - cant wait to see it in action;)

Good luck!


by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).

I think this boat is fantastic, Andreas put in a lot of thinking not only about look-and-feel of it, but also in mechanics and logics - which will help me a lot to rig it. Great job, Andreas!!!

Jimmy is modeling the boat now, I have got some scripts ready to rig mechanics, and Esben is working on the story.


It looks amazing!
Can’t wait to see it in production :slight_smile:


nice details. Very interesting


by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).

And I am starting to model this beautiful fish!


by Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).

And a slightly different fish - with the bigger water tank.


Soon, very soon you will see our plan working. Already now we try to realize the “parallel working” principle: Jimmy is to have a rigging-ready boat tho the start of next week, I am modeling the fish, Andreas is working on Old Man designs, and Esben is doing story and story boards.
Thanks for visiting our thread!

Thank you, Christoffer! Soon there some production WIPs to come :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! Most of work you have seen so far is from Andreas. Now it’s time to put his wonderful designs into the action :slight_smile:


very cool fish concept …waiting to see it modeled :smiley:


Wow everyone… amazing concepts. For what its worth, I feel like the fish are overpowering the fisherman when it comes to design to the character design. But perhaps that is what you intended. Either way I’m just gonna shut up and say KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB! :buttrock:

Cant wait to see some grimey textures on the fish


hey shadermonkey

yeah i totally agree with you. but the fisherman you see is far from the final design. He is merely a failed character mockup, that we have all agreed is not the one we’re gonna go with.

on our meeting we talked about: He should be older, more gadgets, but refrain from using cliche gadgets like goggles, he should have less bare skin, but he shouldn’t be 100% covered. I’d suggest long leather glove for his skin arm, so there will be bare skin on upper arm and on some of the breast. His cigar should be just a small washed out stump. His hands bigger than normal. His feet smaller than normal. More charicatured overall.

lets see what happens.


Ahhh terrific ideas. I love that you are going to stylize him a bit. This is one of my favorite threads to follow. :bounce: Keep up the great work everyone… it only increases competition and benefits us all by forcing us to achieve greater results. Keep setting the bar fellas. :thumbsup:

Best of luck.