Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alexandra Ciolac


It’s Saturday morning, and we have voted:
we are doing The Old Man and Sea :slight_smile:


hehe…so you finally decided about the main story…congrats :applause:

nice artworks btw…:thumbsup:


And another try of the boat,
by Andreas Normand Grøntved (andreasng).


You are from Denmark, and industry is small here, so there is a big chance we will meet you too one day and even work together
I would feel very privileged to get such a opportunity!

I really dig the artwork Andreas is doing. Awesome style indeed.


thanks doffer. apreciate it. Yeah if your in this business we will collide some day. Laws of nature in a tiny country.

“ses” :rolleyes:


And an old man try :slight_smile:
by Andreas Normand Grøntved (andreasng).


by Andreas Normand Grøntved (andreasng).

I love the one that’s upside down :slight_smile:


thanks sasha. hehehe . yeah I try and implement my Opposition Philosophy when ever I can. Where i think about the most obvious and try and do the opposit of that. heheh

a couple of different arms to think about as well. In the story one of his hands begin to “go against him” … It’s probably just a metaphor for some illness his arm suffers, but it’s so cool to think about. maybe it’s rusted, or it just won’t do things the old man wants it to do. Give it some sort of personality, not that it’s alive, but something in the alley of the Ball from cast away.


This may be something all you artistic minds will find highly uninteresting and will try to go around it on regular bases, but as little you wish it - it’s a very important part of producing an animated shot:


I am responsible for the file management and pipeline in our team, and this diagram is one from the series of documents I am creating for my team members to help them get familiar with pipeline and (hopefully) start liking it.

Our pipeline is asset based, where every stage of the production is clearly separated from the others. In the case of the small project like this, with a small team and limited time, it’s vital to avoid linear workflow where team members are bound to wait for each other. Asset based pipeline will allow us to work parallel. It also allows for fast changes and iterations all the way from modeling stage to animation. Then we don’t want to waist our time searching for lost files and doing the same work again because file can’t be recovered… It will also reduce amount of “file rot” that often happens when all the work is done in one file.

All files (regardless of formats) are separated to two types: WIP files (dark gray boxes) and Asset files (green boxes). A WIP file is like a Black Box, it has asset/s going in as input and has asset/s going out as output. Anything that happens inside is totally business of the person working with it. But what comes out is bound by strict rules.
All asset files are reference free and as clean and light as possible. They are to be referenced into the WIPs (not imported), because when the next version of asset is produced we want it to preserve all that work we already have done on it in WIP.

It may look complicated, but it’s very transparent and simple, ones you get the principles behind it. And even it seams to take some time to get into it at the start, it will save many times more time, nerves and resources at the end of production… :smiley:

If some of you will want details on this - I can post more on the subject…


Hey !
Nice team here !
The concepts are cool !
I hope to see a great video here.
Cheers Alex and team ! :wink:


Cool stuff! Looking forward to this one :slight_smile:


Another one doc from our pipeline docs - this is the last time we are posting this boring but very important stuff :slight_smile:


Awesome concepts and very well organized! I think organization is really the key to an outstanding video entry! Will look this thread closely!


That’s a professionnal, clean and well organised pipline you got there,it will avoid loads of problems :wink:


so what going around with my favorite team?!
And Andreas, my favorite mate of this team! you just rocks man!
I can’t vote at time! but just for u know! my vote was the old man and sea too! and as concepts I like that upside down one too! soo creative! I like ur aproach about playing with subject;
and! ah! ur boring important stuff looks like soo professional! keep going so on the rail as awsome as sofar! :wink:



Thank you Gilles, we will do our best :slight_smile:

Hi Martin, thanks for taking a look at our thread. And more cool stuff to come here!

It’s grate to see artists appreciate order in things - they usually try to break it :slight_smile: Thank you Fabio!

Thanks Nicolas for “professional”, and sure it will be of a great help - we all have seen projects ending up being not as good as they could be because of organization. If this pipeline will pass the test of this project we may use it in a bigger - professional :slight_smile: - project.

He-he, so we are in your favorites :D, thanks! We will do our very best not to disappoint you…


Looking great Andreas, liking the arm :slight_smile:
Me and Sasha talked about having him without so much clothes on, so perhaps more bare skin, and gadgets. We also talked about having him looking like an old, thin though hardy man. bald, and no beard :wink: what do you think about that?



that is a great idea. I’ll fiddle around with all the ideas you got, just put’m in the jar, and I’ll go through them when sketching.

thanks mim-armand. your words are too kind. :]


Old man’s “fishing” arm,
by Andreas Normand Gr?ntved (andreasng).


by Andreas Normand Gr?ntved (andreasng).