Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alexandra Ciolac


Thanks Vlad! We haven’t decided on which story to go with… We glad you liked our Odin story :slight_smile:

Hi Christoffer, and thanks :slight_smile: We have worked together (our team), and I feel privileged to work with these guys again. You are from Denmark, and industry is small here, so there is a big chance we will meet you too one day and even work together :smiley:

Fernando, thank you! Yep, Andreas is wonderful, isn’t he :scream:.
And tomorrow is the decision making day - it’s time to choose the story…

Thans so much, Nicolas! You prized our efforts very highly, we glad to see that and appreciate it a lot. And animation is to came at it’s time, just follow the progress :slight_smile:


guys you humble me. thanks for the praising words. but as this is “only” an initial design concept i’m sure we can push it further.

sasha i’ll paint some more detailed ideas for the boat and fish tonight, for you to post.

I think i’m on the old man and the sea more than the odin one. Your arguments got me. and i think it is a more “slow” thing, and i like “slow” things.

be back


And esben got a great idea with plating the old man on one side of his body, maybe with those wavy metal plates. hmm then again those wavy metal plates arent that steamy. But nevertheless plating on one side would bring the design greatly out of balance, which is cool. i’ll try it out.

have a nice evening :surprised

ps. sasha, how do you make links in your signature which is just words and not entire URLs??? arg my signature looks so messy! :banghead:


Nice Ideea and concept! Good luck guys!:thumbsup:


It is so tough to figure out what to do. If i had to think purely in design aspects i wouldn’t be able to choose.
The old man and the sea just has something epic, and a bit of anti cliche, where the odin story kind of seems a bit tested’n’true. It’s more of a mainstream choice really.


Some more boat designs…
by Andreas Normand Grøntved (andreasng).


And some more fish designs…
by Andreas Normand Grøntved (andreasng).


damn it’s stupid I cant just upload these myself


The thoughts i have about the boat, or actually it’s just a general concept, is to keep everything greatly out of balance. Now that i look at the big pictures of the boat, i realize that i didn’t even try to implement this philosophy, but I will next time around. However the tiny boats at the top of the concept sheet depicts my idea better. I’d either put the legs up front or in the far back. Maybe I should even create a separate module to hold the legs from behind the boat, so the whole boat is kind of hanging from the side of a “walking” device.

The fish: I don’t know yet. What do you guys think? I was thinking about the idea that the steam fish are floating around in the poisonous fog and inhale it, to destil the water from the fog, use the fog as fuel, and put the water in containers. This gives the “old man” a good reason to get the fish to get water for him, his family? and maybe some animals back at his house. (?)
either that or he needs the water to power his house to maintain life. So he might have taken the last drops of water to power his boat, to go out catch a “destiller-fish” and go back to repower his house. hmmm

any comments/thoughts


O.k. folks, the vote is open - we are choosing the story! Saturday morning we count the votes.

Team members, please decide on one of stories and and argument your decision. We all know it’s a very difficult choise to make, but it’s time…

And we welcome all thread visitors to tell wchich story do they think we should choose - we value your help very much.

AND VOTE NOW :slight_smile:


I say OMatS

It’s epic, “slow”, awesome, I love boats and robot fish.

odin is amazing but…


Andreas, Esben got an excelente idea about the old man - let’s see what you will do with it :slight_smile:
And your signature, Andreas - go to your userCP -> edit signature (this part you know :)), then type a text you want, highlight it, and click on Insert Link icon (the one with a planet and chain link on it), it will pop a window, where you just paste your hyperlink. And that’s it :slight_smile:

And team members, I have send you a pdf file with The Old Man and Sea story. In case we will decide to go with it - you may want to read it for more inspiration. It’s a short story, but you will love it, I am sure!

Thank you very much! We will do our best :slight_smile:


Nice ideas and conceptы, Musi, good luck your team! :slight_smile:


I am for The Old Man and Sea.

Somehow I couldn’t really relate to the Odin story, even though I loved the visual potential in it…

As Andreas says, Old Man and Sea is a “slow” story, where most of action happens internally. It’s more difficult to tell a story like that then a typical action based story, but I have confidence in our main storyteller Esben - he is good in telling stories with soul in them :slight_smile:

Then there are deadlines to think of - the Odin story is simply too big to realize in given time without sacrificing the quality… Too many characters, too many environments, too many technical challenges…
The Old Man and Sea is very technically challenging too, but in a different way…

Spasibo, Arseniy, mi budem staratsea. Zagleadivayte suda inogda :slight_smile:


Geez! Your concepts are so unique and creative…I think the fish are awesome!

Can’t wait to see them animated :smiley:


Hey guys,

Love the work Andreas, simply AWESOME!!! :wink: Looking forward to see the main character.
I’ve been thinking a lot about doing the ‘Odin’ story, but i must admit, that it seems to complicated for the time we have.
I vote for ‘Old man and the Sea’ i love the artwork, and I think the conversion to steam punk will work better for us with that story. Great job guys, great story and great artwork! :slight_smile:

Me and Sasha will get started with some various testing starting from monday.

Jimmy :slight_smile:


Hi team!

I vote for the old man and the sea as well… - so I guess we are going to make that one!

During next week I will write a script. Then we can bounce it and optimize it. I will try to squeeze in a thumb board and sketches for scenes.



I choose old man and the sea! - So we all seem to agree on that.

It is the most original one, I think… And it has got lots of great images.

During next week I wil write a script that we can bounce and optimize, and I will try to squeeze in a thumb board



Very interesting concepts. I like the way they are so dark, and dirty. I’m looking forward to see more :slight_smile:


Esben is heaving problems posting, so here is his vote and message:


I choose old man and the sea… It will be great…

For some reason I have problems posting on cgtalk…

During next week I will do a script we can bounce and optimize, and I will try to squeee in a thumb board. When we have those and agree, we can edit an animatic, and then we have a modelling/rigging count and then very soon a time schedule…


The whole team have voted for The Old Man and Sea.

ivanisavich and Deje3D, thank you :slight_smile:


HEHEHE esben chooses Old man 3 times, I choose it 1 time, Jimmy 1 time and Sasha 1 time.

bum bum bum, that equals …6 for old man.

hahahaha :wip: