Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Adrian Baluta


Hi Adrian,

I had a fun time to go through all the pages and I’m really impressed now with the work already done:thumbsup: . All the models are looking well done and I really like your characters, what I’ve seen so far makes me very curious to see more!:slight_smile:



Thanks! will be updated soon!:cool:


The weapons of the ship team.


Damn, huge project, great stylistic, unique mood. Really fantastic stuff. Nothing to crit yet.

good luck to finish on time !


Thanks arturro! There is over 10 years since 3D come into animation,but still 2D and 3D mixted very well,and it s a nice combination.

Best to you!


The main engine of the ship.


Action Poses and some acting kinogrames with the Fireman.


Next step will be the layout for anim.


Software: After Effects,Maya

This is an atmosphere test for composition.Hope you liked.

Play Video >>


This is looking amazing man… I can’t get my head around how you’re producing this stuff so fast. I’d say keep it up but I don’t think you need to be told:bowdown:

Best of luck with the rest of your entry - it could be a real contender I think.


What can I say about the video man ? don’t know… just it’s really too short :applause:

Simply great ! huge work !


Thanks man! Next update will be THE ANIMATION ROUGH!:buttrock:




We have alot to work…


Your thread is most interesting to follow. Can’t wait to see 2D animated characters in motion. Great work!


Thanks! Yes we have alot to work,but 2D animation remains the best,and also the base of the new animation generation.

Best to you!


work,work alot…


Your mix of 2D and 3D are looking better and better with each new progress screens. Really interesting and inspiring entry you have here. :thumbsup:


Thanks man! Will come an update with 2D animation soon!:arteest:


Great work so far. Nice to see this coming true.
Merry christmas and good luck!