Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Adrian Baluta


oh man! it looks good!
maybe that feel is for the ocean waves that looks like big for this calm big ocean, or?!!
really wonna see this shot in motion Adrian! maybe even a little one! anyway need to see!
you guys all going just awesome! welldone to all ya!

cheers to u, mim


Really like the atmosphere here, nice colors scheme :slight_smile:

I’m agree about the waves though, a bit too big if we compare to the houses, but that’s a detail you have maybe already fixed :wink:


i’m agree with lolo !
in fact, i think it comes from the first elements (it’s a boat i think) which has a different lighting comparing to the little houses :slight_smile:

otherwise, this picture look really good :slight_smile:
i like the mood and hope to see more, soon !!

Keep it up !!



Thanks for the advise!But is only 5% of what I want!Now I set colors and atmosphere,preparing for characters and animation.

You right! Its the steamboat,I put it in photoshop,but in the final shot won t be like that!

The waves will be the last detail to fix!Thanks for your words!

Yes is the boat! I know!
Thanks for your apreciation and advises!

Thanks to you all guys for your kind replies!
Coming up next,the characters color and the small 3D props,like guns and the reactor for the little captain!:beer:


Good work…nice characters!

Keep it up.:cool:


hey adib nice job so far man! Those skies are REALLY amazing :drool:

You got to watch out for the proportions though! the houses in front of the picture (more close to us) are smaller than the houses on top of the hill (away from us) that should not happen and maybe this combined with the already mention of the waves scale are messing up your scene a little bit… thats way, in my opinion people are finding something strange in your shot! fix up that and we get a beautiful scene to look at! Keep up the good work man! I hope I was of some help…



Yes you r right.I will fix that.Now I tried to find a good composition for each shot I have in the trailer.




Pfiouh man… I don’t know what to add… especially constructive…

…I really like how you designed these guys !

just a question… no girls ? :beer:

I’m remain impatient to see the integration and how that fits… continue with the good and interesting work man :bounce:


Wait to see the animation!:buttrock: Thanks man for your consideration and constructive comments!
Now is the hard work,drawings,clean up and colors,I have alot to do,and Costin setup for the machines and the dragon.
So we work,work and work alot…:wip:

Best to you!


It’s the most important… and certainly the key of your success :deal:

I’m thinking something about your skies… very well made to have much depht in your images… that’s lack in mine :hmm:


Great work so far—really digging your concept art.


Looks great! Love those clouds, and how the whole visual style your going for is looking!

I think your animatic looked good as well! Some of the pacing was a bit odd… felt a little cut off at times, but I’m guessing the final cut will have that stuff ironed out :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!



Thanks! We tried to do what we can!:slight_smile:

Yes! 2D with 3D and matte is the right combination!
Thanks alot!:buttrock:


Hi Lemong,I remember the post when you say: no girls! I m thinking about puting a girl character but not on the ship.
Starting animation from this weekend,and I hope at the end of the year to put the rough online!:slight_smile:


Good to hear man… it’s to have representative people :thumbsup:

I’m waiting impatiently to discover her design :arteest:


Nice! Fun looking characters, and great integration of 2d/3d!


Testing Lights and compositing atmosphere.


very “adib-ish” mood, and nice of course. It is like your handwriting, one can recognize your work at first sight :slight_smile: Keep progressing.


Thanks! This time I have a small team.

yeh! Thanks! Good luck to you!:slight_smile: