Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Adrian Baluta


Nice character and vehicle designs…


impressive modeling and texturing till now. keep up the good work guys :thumbsup:


impressive modeling and texturing till now. keep up the good work guys :thumbsup:

More wil come!Thanks!

Nice character and vehicle designs…

And this is just the begining.Thanks!:cool:


Good stuff man…textures are looking nice :D!


Thanks ivanisavich! You also do a great job!:beer:




Like much this last one… especially now it’s textured… very cute :scream:


Software: After Effects,Maya

This is a smoke test with particle.Is just a test is not the final comp.

Play Video >>


Looking really good! I’ve never felt so far behind in my entire life.


Vidar3dLooking really good! I’ve never felt so far behind in my entire life.

Thanks! More will come.:slight_smile:


Yeah! nice steam! maybe I prefer alil more turbulence but it looks sooo good yet now, :thumbsup:


Agree with you…
but I can’t crit too much… I must start my smoke too… and I don’t have much skills with FX :scream:
I shut my mounth… and I learn then…

And about in reality… A conservator of boat museum said me that steamboats, especially when they transport people use very rafined carbon… wich don’t make much smoke… and if the temperature is also high… the vapor smoke is invisible…
But if the weather is cold… it’s really visible… and very white.
In other hand, for working boat… they used coke less rafined… less expansive… and the smoke is in this case very black and heavy, with many particules (always very pleasant for eyes… hahaha)…
All choice are possible in fact :wise:


This is just a test,the final one wil be more transparent and with filters to fit to the composition.Also all FX is rendered in separate layers and compose after with zdeph and alpha.
In this case I render all but at the end will be multiple layers.In composition you have better results.

Thanks for your advise!:slight_smile:


better and especially more easy :thumbsup:
and that save much time… also important.


I have one more texture to made,and after I start on BG and mattepainting:buttrock:

More wil come!:arteest:


Alsmot finished then ?


No!!! This is just the begining.After that I have alot to draw.The movie is mixt 2D and 3D.I will start the 2D animation,next week and I have alot to work.But I liked and ofcorse is an different style.Most of the entries are only 3D,so we do a mixt 2D with 3D,and with alot of action.We hope to make a good entry with a nice concept and execution.

Before the end of the year you l see the animation rough,compose with the 3D animation and maybe with sound.

Now is the time for hard work!:buttrock:


Thanks for this additional explanation… good courage then… :slight_smile:


cool render. I think the steam/smoke disappears too fast. It feels kind of gamey when smoke just vanishes.


Thanks! But this is just an test,not the final render.