Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Adrian Baluta


some small composition test.


Sweet Zombie Jesus you’re coming along real well Adib.

I don’t know how complete you are with this piece, but from your last picture you have some odd happenings with your texture on the Big Support beam in the front. Seen from afar, though, you can’t tell. It’s only in this last picture, the wood texture lines up weird with the model. Hope it helps.



Thanks RageOfAges! I want it to bee like that.Anyway I will tried also something different.


As I could see, even if I was out, that work much here :smiley:

Well textured so far… nothing to crit… just one point… the textures appear a bit too clean… but anyway, the style is so pleasant… good man :wink:

… I forgotten something… about the steammachine… I don’t like totally it design… maybe that appear a bit poor, especially compared with the ship… but if this machine will be visible very smal in the final film… that can be enough…

…and continue the good job men :beer:


All the steam machines apear only 2 seconds in the trailer and they are in a larger frame with the city and people in a general composition.So we don t need to much detail for them.



of course :cool:


Modeling and texturing looks good. Everything goes fine so far.
I don’t mind clean textures :wink:
Just keep it up:beer:


The steamship and the dragon are the main models and have alot of details.When I will finish all the texture I will put a precomposition with the city.

The frame with all the elements, ofcorse:cool:
:beer: Lemog! good luck to you!

Thanks fgdf! best to you!


The steps of WIP steamship.


Hello Adib. I do Love your flying ship. It wasn’t the clean textures I found weird. I highlighted here what I was talking about.

The way everything meets (the beams and hull) seems to clash in my opinion. Everything else about the model and texturing looks beautiful and has a very consistent style



Thanks RageOfAges! I will fix that:)
Best to you!


Update from Costin.Steam machine 03.


Hey Costin and Andrian!
really great you are going, so keep on this way! I’m sure here will many interesting things coming up! you will see if you doubt!!
wish you he bests, mim, :slight_smile:


Texture update…


update texture…


steam machines…


update from Costin,steam machine 04…


The modeling is almost done.Now I make the rest of the texture and Costin make the rigs.

Best to all!


working fast! looks good my friend. keep it up :slight_smile:

you mixing 2d with 3D again?




Thanks!Yes again 2D and 3D,but this time we have a team,of 2 but stil a team.:cool: