Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Adrian Baluta


Very nice! Really makes me want to see the whole thing :smiley: I think the 2d/3d integration worked out really well!


Thanks man! Your work is also GREAT!


I m glead we finish on time.Was a great challenge,and I m so happy that they make this video category since EON.With each challenge we see more great work,and many different style.

BEST TO YOU ALL! And GOOD LUCK to everyone!:beer:


I am very glad you finished it.
Love the mood and lighting, well done!

Good luck to you too! :smiley:




I was afraid that I will be only me with the trailers,but I see that many entries make only the trailer,that is because we have alot to work and,is better to concetrate on a good trailer then an unfinished movie.

BEST TO YOU ALL GUYS! And good luck !:beer:


You did a great job! 2d and 3d integrate very well!


yep… all is finish now… great amount of work you made on it… the integration between 2d and 3d works very good… it’s original and permit to have a great contrast between action and environment…
very good job…
That was a very interesting project to follow…
…and best wishes for the next steps :beer:



Thanks Lemog! You to all the best!:applause:


It looked great. Especialy the mood, as other had said.

Good luck.


A fantastic result! Well worth all the effort you have clearly put in!
I love the 2D mix, and cant wait to see what else you have in store for us!

Good luck mate! Its been a pleasure following your work!


Thanks alot!

Thanks Pyke!
Good luck to you guys!:beer:


Congratulations to you!!

Amazing video and very beautifull shots!!
I really liked the mood, you made a great work!

Good luck:buttrock:


Thanks! best to you!


You did great!
Your style is a trademark


very professional work !
the mix of 2d and 3d is well done, and the colors … beautifull !
i apreciate your making off, very clear and informative.
thank your for your cool words in my thread :beer:



Thanks! I m sorry because I couldn t put a longer making of,because of the rulles.
Best to you all!



I think I’m joining the chorus here but, its a fun style. Hope to see more from you guys in the future. :applause: <— first time seeing the clap guy, thought I’d share its genius with you.



Thanks man!:buttrock:


no more comments?:sad: