Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Adrian Baluta


Keep it up, it’s looking great! :applause:


Thanks guys! Maybe at the end of this week we will post the making of.:buttrock:


adib, a making of and some insights on the composition would be delicious! Your composition is really eye catching!


hmm, what else can I say. This rocks :slight_smile:
your environments are great!


Thanks guys! I hope the final result will be eye catching!


Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

This is our making of.Hope you liked!

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I liked making of very much, I wish it was longer though.
I love overall feel of the animations and renderings.
Best of luck to you guys,and keep rocking!


That’s so good to watch your making-of man… even if we imagine well the work is… it’s always good to see how :applause:


Thanks! I know is short but must be 90 seconds,as the rules sais!:cool:

The trailer will come in the next days! Thanks Lemog!


Hi adib, very freakin stuff you doin here, great work and great style !
Should open very much doors for you :wink:

Good luck, rasher73


Thanks rasher73!


Hello there.
Your works looks truely great .Wish I visited it more often but it’s only 4 days …anyway
short is nor limited to 90 seconds guidelines are 90 sec to 3 minuts so don’t hesitate to share with some more material

All the best!


This is the movie poster.Hope you liked!


Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

This is our trailer.Hope you liked!

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Great trailer guys, this has come together really nicely. The palette and overall mood is really sweet.

Looking forward to the full film…


Great work guys !! This looks really great !! Congrats on finishing it on time, you did a great job !! And also looking forward to the full movie !!


Hi,guys! it’s … heh :smiley: I love that style.
Great Work !!! beautifull


Your stuff looks great! And the music is really nice aswell!

toate cele bune,
(already tried my poor romanian language skills on framebreed):wink:

Cmdr. Pi


Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

This is our final entry,making of and a long trailer. Hope you liked!

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thanks guys! BEST TO YOU ALL!