Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Adrian Baluta


Impressive amount of work and quality you have presented here :thumbsup:


Thanks guys! In just 2 weeks you l see the result!:slight_smile:


Working… almost there…


This looks great!
We want to see animation! Show us some animation! :bounce:

Din ce se vede arata foarte bine, si cromatic, si ca concept; abia astept sa-ti vad imaginile in miscare!

Multa bafta tie Adrian si echipei tale!

Good luck!


Software: After Effects,Maya

This are 2 scene from the trailer.hope you liked!

Play Video >>


Very nice work, this looks great!. I really like your style and it looks great in motion. Looking forward to the full trailer!! Goodluck finishing it up!


Nice update Adib, looks great in motion. I love the pallette - it has a really timeless quality. Keep it up guys - this is going to be awesome finished.


wow beautyful render! the tint of the whole thing is warm and cozy.

i know this isnt an animation test, but if it was i’d say, make the tail follow the path of the dragon a bit more, or make it whip one time and then follow. I’ll look less forced.

otherwise cool!


Thanks guys! Bafta si voua!

I have only 4 scenes to do and its all set!:cool:


If I have time I will make some changes! Thanks!


Haha… great… now, that will be hard to wait for more… go man… I like much your art :applause:


Thanks Lemog! Update will be soon!:wip:


hey good concept art.
want to see that in 3d.
keep goin on and best luck


Thanks! Best to you!


Its time for render…alots of hours…


Ohoho! That’s kind of stuff I love!
Very nice render! Looks great.

Will love to see it finished.


Software: After Effects,Maya

This are my intro scenes from the trailer.Hope you liked!

Play Video >>


This looks great, I really loved the first shot, you got a great atmostphere going on! Keep it up and goodluck finishing it all up! looking forward to the final animation!


Thanks!Close to the end…:buttrock:


No man… nothing to crit… that works well… very timing and framing !


I like the combination 2D and 3D elements. Looks great!