Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Adrian Baluta


another shot from the movie…


shots,we still have alot to work…


Even if it remain you much work to do… all these last shots are the proof of your incredible work and your talent… no rest for you ?

Well… while waiting the next steps… Happy New Year 2009 for you all…


Wow man. Looking really good. I love the soft lighting style you have going on!


just very sweet and impressive images. Can’t wait to see some shots put together.
Will be a killer.

cheers and happy new year.
29 days left


Looks like things are proceeding nicely. I can’t wait to see this in moment, the stills alone look like great stand-alone art pieces!


Thanks man! Happy new year for you to!

Yes,man this is what you get from compositing! Thanks!

Thanks alot!

Thanks! There is just 28 days left and you l see the final result!:slight_smile:

Happy new year to all! Thanks!




Very beautifull shots!!
Keep posting!!


Thanks man! Wait to see the animation!:buttrock:


i love the designs , keep it up :wink:


hey man! Although I personally don’t like this language merge between 2d and 3d your work is turning out beautiful and eye catching! very nicely composted too! good job so far man!


Thanks! We do our best!:slight_smile:

If you do a good composition the integration is not a problem.Thanks!


i’m glad you like it :slight_smile:
we are also looking forward to your final, it looks very professionel. So, same to you!


work,work…a few scene left from the trailer to be done!


Thanks! Best to all!


really nice images, congrats!

are you going to color correct any further?

the only thing that slightly disturbs me is the difference in gamma and black output in some of the 2d/3d comps…
but that’s just an impression, I like the difference in style, I only wish they were somehow more integrated.

anyway, it looks very cool and really like the dragon!

go on!


working on…


You’re getting things done!
Your stuff looks great. Keep it up.
I can’t wait to see the finished piece!

Best to you,

Cmdr. Pi


Stunning integration… :beer: I’m very impatient to see the result of course :cry: