Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Adrian Baluta


Adrian Baluta is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: Final TRAILER-Behind The Iron Dragon


Hi,guys! We meet again!:beer: BEST TO YOU ALL!


and Best to you too!
Nice to see some old buddies!


This is my start on the concept stuff.More will come soon!


They look very good :wink:


Thanks guys! More will come,and this time I will do only a trailer because a full short is to hard to finish on time.:buttrock:


have fun doing this man !


hi there…I might need some help over here. i couldn’t view your thumb sketches…I’m not sure if its my computer problem or the link is broken. =) i’ll be glad if someone can figure it out for me. Thanks a lot!


Now I design the vehicles.In a few days I will post the story also.


Hey adib, nice to see you up here agian.

i knew the sketches were familiar

any word on the actual theme of myth or legend?
kinda hard to give feedback if we don’t know



Good luck man! Your designs looks great!


Really nice style mate. I love the guy with the smoke!


Thanks guys! This time I work in Team.Here it is

adib - Adrian Baluta
CostiB - Costin Barbulescu

Small but very strong one!:buttrock:

adib- Director,concept,animation,backgrounds,special effects,mattepainting.
CostiB-modeling,rig,texture,animation and music.

Best to all!:beer:


nice start, cool style


Looking for good so far keep it up


Hey glad to see you in challenge man, :beer:
concept looking promising and great,
and cheers for team working buddy , :smiley:
keep up great works again! :wink:


Thanks guys! More will come!:buttrock:


Cool Concpets! was wondering what legend you are going to be tackling for this challenge?


They hunting an Iron Dragon!:buttrock: Story after this weekend.


Awww, man those concepts looks sweet.
Nice to see you play around like that. Can’t wait to see you get going on this one :slight_smile: