Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Adam T.S. Cohen


Started integrating the files. Not exactly using the link/append methodology efficiently, but it should work in the end this time. Also started animating but won’t put that up until it gets a bit more advanced.


I am making progress! Started animating the scene. Here are a few shots. Please excuse the horrible blue, it will be replaced shortly.


Just learned how to UV unwrap in blender. Used it on the containers (not the ground). It’s just the beginning, but thought I would post my progress. Also, I finished a basic animatic a couple of days ago, but can’t get the ChallengeUploader working from my Mac, so I’ll update it in a day or two when I get my hands on a PC.


Software: Blender

Animatic for my entry. Finished this a while ago, but couldn’t upload it (just found the new Mac uploader on the Images thread). I’m already into the materials stage, so don’t worry about how unfinished this looks! :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


great progress !
will it be in color or bw ?


Thanks! It will be in colour. There’s one pic above the animatic, where I’ve started to do the materials. I posted the animatic about an hour after so it was eclipsed pretty fast. But now that I’m onto materials I can start to make things pretty.

100th Post!!!


100th Post!!!


Unwrapped the bike. This is not the final texture. Created masks; the lighter regions will have the colour/reflective properties of one kind of metal while the darker areas in between ‘reflect’ another metal. After I’ve done all that, I’ll put a bunch of bolts onto it. Should look goldish/copper when I get around to colouring it.


Nice animatic. Some very ambitious scenes in there - really looking forward to seeing the wreckage of the defeated dragon!!

Keep up the good work and don’t worry about lack of feedback - everyone’s probably too busy panicking about the rapidly approaching deadline - me included!!


Thanks Duncs! I’ll do the best I can with the wreckage. My 3d knowledge is still limited but I’m learning a lot as I go through this challenge. I’m thinking the it will end up being a blindingly bright explosion. We’ll see, not too much time left. It’s a sprint to the finish line now…:slight_smile:


Started lighting and particle effects. Still have a long way to go. Hopefully I can finish in time… No time to worry, have to keep pushing on!


So there isn’t too much time left, and I’m going to make a minor adjustment to my plan. I still want to finish my entry, but I don’t think I realistically have enough time to rig and animate the dragon or animate the 2d character for all the scenes I have planned. I still have enough material to produce something, so I think I’m going to forget the 2-minute sequence in the animatic, and use parts of it in the form of a trailer.

I’m just deciding which shots are the strongest and will make it in. Will try to post some screens tonight!


Very curious to see it all come together. Much work has gotten into it and would be a waste to let it all fade away due to little time.
I also have to adjust my plans constantly and time is running out so quickly i don’t know wether i’ll make it or not. So i hope you do!

cheers and good luck


Hey Adam, looking forward to your trailer, keep on going! I also decided to just make a trailer, because there was nog enough (render) time to make a 2 min story. So just go for the trailer! Goodluck finishing it all up!


Thanks for the replies!

@Nothingness: I will try to finish and not disappoint :slight_smile: Keep working at it, I can’t wait to see yours!

@Martijn81: I think you’re right and that going for a trailer is a good idea :slight_smile: I will try to finish!


Picked a few shots for the trailer and wrote up some text.


Okay, so here is a little list of things I have to do still ( this is mostly for my benefit :slight_smile: )

[li]Music[/li][li]Redo terrain[/li][li]Finish texturing facility & terrain (will leave the bike as-is --> no closeups)[/li][li]Speed up camera motion[/li][li]Move the city image into the scene (the camera will be racing towards it) --> Created the image a few days ago from a bunch of photos I took in Japan a while back, basically created a metropolis heap of buildings :)[/li][li]Add in some more smoke on the bike and dragon (more particle systems!)[/li][li]Add 2d character (not animated; i.e. 1 drawing each) to shots 3 and 5[/li][li]Foley (only if there’s time)[/li][li]Render…composite…post fx (glow etc)[/li][/ul]Random question: I don’t have to credit royalty-free fonts, do I? I installed a bunch months ago, but was careful to only put royalty-free ones on that could be used commercially. Since I’ve never seen anybody credit fonts in entries (though some licences require it), and the ones I’ve installed are totally royalty-free, I think it’s fine.

That’s it for today! More tomorrow hopefully :slight_smile:


Software: Blender

Got the trailer down to 30 seconds. This is just to delineate the timing for each shot. They will of course be animated. Might even throw in some foley if there’s time (which there probably won’t be). Getting close! Put together using AE and Blender, though I can only select one from the software application list.

Play Video >>


Forgot to mention that I left out the text in the timing animation, but will be putting it back in :slight_smile:


Software: After Effects,Blender,Photoshop

In the New Steam Age, man has created tall steel cities, and sophisticated technologies that influence all domains of daily life. Some of his creations have proven a curse rather than a blessing. The metropolis Neo-Silene has been plagued by one such beast that periodically descends on the city, straying but a little from its place of dwelling, which the people believe to be a water treatment facility.

George, a wandering knight-errant, will confront the horror that has befallen the city, climbing aboard his steam-powered hovercycle, and setting off toward the creature’s resting place, where he may confront it, and perhaps learn the secrets of the facility…

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