Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Adam T.S. Cohen


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Latest Update: Finished Video: George and the Steam Dragon


Hello everyone,
I’m not sure if I’m biting off a bit more than I can chew with this entry, but I might as well shoot for the stars…

I've been meditating on this topic since it was announced a few days ago and think that I'm going to do something [b]loosely[/b] based on Norse mythology, particularly with regards to Dragons. I was thinking of incorporating some ideas based on [Nidhoggr](, [Yggdrasil](, and [Ragnarok](

I've done a few sketches and will post them tomorrow once they're scanned.

For now, for a taste of what I have in mind, here is a planned voice-over to play at the beginning of the faux movie trailer:

[left][i]'Not too long ago, someone asked me whether I believed in dragons...
Who would have known that now I need to kill one in order to prevent the apocalypse.'


First part of the rough sketches / storyboards.


Part two of my initial rough sketches / storyboards.


Steampunk Nidhogg Concept Art


Character concept art. Might need to be a bit more steam-punk-ified, but I’m still getting geared up. The astronaut will look more steampunkish once his suit is bronzed.


The plate I intend to use to make a digital matte for the opening shot. A photo I took in Japan.


Just sketching in some details now. I’m going to put together an animatic to get the timing right before I get serious about the modelling/animation.


Good news! As of next Tuesday, I will finally be able to start putting more attention towards this. My next step is to start putting together an animatic to get the overall look and timing right.

This challenge will be a bit of a learning exercise for me. I have some experience with 2 and 3-d art, but this will be the first time I will be using Blender specifically, and the first time I’ll be trying any 2d animation.

In the mean time, I’m still trying to overcome some Color Management issues. If anyone here can help at all, it would be greatly appreciated! My issue: CGThread plea for help.



Alright, so I’ve decided that I need to simplify my idea(s) a bit for this challenge, so I am keeping the dragon and going with a straight steampunk dragon fight (St. George and the dragon-esque).

I’ve been learning Blender for the last few days, and have started making one of the models. As far as I can plan at this point, I will need to model:
-housing for the dragon
-steam-hover bike for protagonist :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post a render from the bike model now…


After rethinking and simplifying my concept, and going with a steampunk dragon fight idea, here is the protagonist’s ‘horse’: a steampunk hoverbike…


After reading/learning blender for the past few days, the bike above (obviously unfinished) is my FIRST model made in the program. I have a bit of prior 3d knowledge, but not in blender. Go easy!


Steampunk dragon modeling begun - only my second model made in Blender! (go easy). Should look good once I actually get into details :slight_smile:


Update from today’s work: added a bit of detail to the bike and built the basic interior for the facility the dragon will be housed in (will be used from my v1 storyboards).


Started the set exterior where the fight will take place. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


I know that my entry still has a long way to go, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Anybody? Anybody?


hi, i understand how you feel, when nobody comments your thread, but dont worry ! just keep working. in fact its hard to comments your work for the moment, because its very low poly, with not a lot of steampunk work in it. i am sure that after a few day of works you will have better advices and comments than mine.:beer:


Thanks for the reply! You’re completely right about the low-poly-ness of my work so far. Being new to Blender, my work has been progressing slowly, but I am learning alot :slight_smile: By the time I’m done it will start to look more polished! I think that my entry will look more steampunk’d once I eventually get to texturing and adding in particle systems, so that my bike will actually look like a hunk of metal spewing out steam rather than a magically hovering piece of clay :slight_smile:

I will take your advice and keep on posting; I’ve just done a first shot at the outdoors terrain, so I now have all the models (initial low-poly versions); enough to piece together the animatic. Thanks again for the feedback!



First crack at the outdoors terrain. The research facility will be placed in the little crevice at the far end of the middle image.


thank you for the cool words Adam. cant wait to see some animatic !