Stardust, Carlos Ortega Elizalde (3D)


Title: Stardust

Name: Carlos Ortega Elizalde

Country: Mexico

Software: maya mudbox marvelous designer photoshop furryball rt

Submitted: 5th January 2016

Image created for a collective exhibition in Mexico.
I was invited to participate on a collective exhibition last december; the exhibition’s theme was the virgin Mary whose mexican version is a popular icon in the mexican culture. I had a short deadline but it was a fun theme to work with, having the chance to imprint a personal interpretation.

Base model in Maya, sculpt refinement and textures in Mudbox, cloth in Marvelous Designer, render in FurryBall RT and final composition in Photoshop.

Thanks for watching and have a great year!


modelling , textures & render is very good but i don’t like the hair
keep up & good luck :thumbsup:


Another great work!


Very cool color selection. Naked version I like more ;)))


Thanks for sharing the work-in-progress shots. Great work! I am always a fan!


Thank you for showing WIP images.
I like your works very much!!


It looks awesome.


nice work, and clean modeling.


Very beautiful work! I agree, the hair is a bit distracting with the contrasty highlights, but otherwise it’s really great. Love the design.


great, she is super hot :)))
سئو سایت - طراحی سایت
کاشت مو طبیعی - تور


Another Nice work!
(Just Hair, I think needed increasing number…)


This is amazing. You do very good work. Thanks for sharing


This is beautiful. The colour composition is amazing. Well done!


Great work! :smiley:


am a great fan of your work i really like your models and how the look catoonish


nice designs<3 welldone!
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Nice to see the clothing creation! Great work.


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