Stacking multiple cloners?



I’m trying to create a scene with a number of cloned towers that are extruded to random heights but on top of each is a random object that is scaled with the tower but has a random rotation attached. I’m guessing I’ll need two cloners one for the towers and one for the objects sitting on each tower but am struggling to work out how to make this work?




Yes, two cloners with a Random effector for the tops as shown



Yes that’s what I have at the moment but what I’m trying to do is have the towers (pyramid) at differing heights with the cylinders balanced on top of each and all of them. Then all of them scaled differently, keeping each cylinder and pyramid pairing scaled together?


I missed out the bit about scaling…sorry


:slight_smile: You got it.


something like this?


Yes exactly like that! :grin: How is it done?

#8 (74.6 KB)

the trick is using weight parameter to randomize time offset for clones animation.


That’s great, thanks for your help. I knew there would be cool solution to what looks simple but as always is quite as simple as I first thought :grinning: