Stable Diffusion renderer for Maya!


Hi! I’ve just finished a Stable Diffusion renderer for Maya.
Doesn’t rely on external programs, works on top of Arnold (as a render driver).
Can do animations using controlNet and stuff like that. Can generate environment maps and textures, supports alpha channels (via machine learning).


good one,
pity autodesk isnt taking on board the nature of ai,
and the implications it has for its whole business system,

text prompt for maya
fix your nurbs trims, joining curves, build a spline system, build a single unified node system all at the same scale,
build a layered hires sculpt and paint system, build a parametric voxel, poly, nurbs switch.
paint scatter systems, boolean fillets, instance groups with full history,auto remesh, auto uvs at top of stack

negative prompt,
get rid of freeze transforms, double transforms, arbitrary on off transforms in groups, different scales for physical systems, non uniform cross sections along paths, flipped geo along paths, flipping of surfaces when you move nurbs build curves, all its i cant instance that it will fall apart bullshit

ie build a text promttable parametric system

i had a similar system going without your interface plugging in blender renders into stable diffusion, sort of worked but eyes, wings, legs got confused as they do in no prompt image stable diffusion