SSS doesn't look that realistic anymore


I’m having a hard time with SSS.


The dispersion of colours hitting the surface - great
The light inside the cubes’ volume - nice
Exit colours - great
Light hitting the ground after exiting - wtf ?

And in the second image i tried to bury the light source inside the cube just to see it lit from the inside - no effect ! (I made the light visible on purpose)

I used Physical Renderer with GI - IC+RM and AO.

  1. Is there a way to make that soup/wax cube lit from the inside natively in C4D ?
  2. Do 3rd party C4D compliant renderers behave like this ?


To achieve what I needed I had to give the cube a hull with thickness. To do that I just duplicated the mesh, placed it inside the cube, made both editable, inverted the inner cube’s normals and finally connect+delete the two objects.

  1. This method of hulling won’t work for any geometries.
  2. The light emitted from the object is “blobby” (also with weird artefacts). I wasn’t able to make it better in render sample settings, light sample setting or by cranking up the Luminance channel of the SSS.

So if someone needs to make a paper Chinese floating lantern inside a dark room will have to be crafty.