SPOTLIGHT images are at this time selected from individual threads by myself, but may in the future be determined by vote. However, given the ongoing nature of some threads, it is just easiest at this time for me to select what I think is the best work from some of the best threads we have here on the Anatomy Forum.

The fact that certain images are being SPOTLIGHTED by no means implies that certain work ‘wins’ ~ all work that is contributed to the Anatomy Forum is highly valued by myself and by the community, and peoples’ continued contributions to the forum ensure that it remains a thriving place within CGTalk as a whole.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed their hard work and beautiful images to the many incredible threads we have here on the forum.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



OFDWs = Open Figure Drawing Workshops.

   OFDWs are Workshop threads in which anyone is invited to draw, paint, sculpt, or model from provided Reference within a given time frame.
   OFDWs run every 2 weeks when we are working from Photo Reference, and every 4 weeks when we are working from Master Paintings. 

Typically, new OFDWs will be announced on various forums around CGTalk.
   OFDW participants may join or leave any Workshop at any time. However, I encourage everyone to participate in the most recent OFDW, as the benefit of working as a group is enormous. It's great to get and give advice and feedback to those working from the same reference.
   All OFDW threads can be found linked here:
   [[b]Open Figure Drawing Workshops with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel[/b]](
  All OFDWs take place in the Tutorials and Workshops sub~forum here:
  [b][Tutorials and Workshops]([/b]
   Please feel free to join in, even if it is only to give comments and feedback! Some amazing work is produced in these Workshops, and it is possible to improve quickly in them, especially if working digitally. Artists of all levels are welcome to participate.

At the conclusion of each OFDW, I will be posting the best images here in the SPOTLIGHT forum.

   Cheers, :)