SPOTLIGHT: Best of the Artistic Anatomy & Figurative Art Forum - Year 1


Friends I am doing some works for my demo reel and I need help un the critic part cause it’s difficult to colocate the muscles well. If there is a part of the forum where I can post my anatomy work so you can critic them better. Thanks

See Ya


hey ruben,
i’d say just start your own anatomy thread by goin’ in here:

then, after you post your images, just give us the link here perhaps so we can go over there and give the help you’re after. :slight_smile:



Wow, many thanks Rebecca, I just see this thread, of course, I visit all of them, but i have see the work of some before, great work everyone, and thanks to all that had post here, and thanks to Rebecca for keep the anatomy & figurative art forum so good.



Thanks! It’s pretty easy to have a lot of energy when you get to see this much cool work on a daily basis. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comment!


Thanks! As a veteran of my Workshops, you definitely deserved credit just for surviving. :wink: Thanks for the support! :slight_smile:


Thanks very much, that means a lot! :slight_smile:


It’s great to see you have an Anatomy Thread now! :thumbsup:


Yep, redehlert/David’s advice is right. You are welcome to create and post your own Anatomy Thread here:
Personal Anatomy & Sketchbook Threads

Here is useful info. regarding Personal Anatomy Threads:

FAQ: Can I Create My Own Anatomy Thread?

Looking forward to seeing your work!

DigitalSol / Enrique,

Thanks, it’s been great to have you in the Workshops! Congrats again for the frontpage, it is well~deserved! :slight_smile:




I’ve noticed that many people don’t realized that they have had work in SPOTLIGHT threads here ~ many people who have posted work to the Anatomy Forum over the past year have work here ~ please do a Search for your username (in rare cases, your real name) here:

Search this Forum

If your name does not appear, please do not take this as a slight, as new work will be added over the coming year. :slight_smile: All work that is contributed to the Anatomy Forum is highly valued and appreciated!




Please check out the most recently added SPOTLIGHT artist, Thomasphoenix ~ great work there!

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: Best of Thomasphoenix




Thanks Rebeccak for putting in the hardwork for putting this together, it’s always a inspiration for me to start drawing again and being more technical with my work cheers :D!!


Thanks for the spotlight, Rebeccak, and thanks again for all your work on the forums.


thank you rebecca for all your hard work, its an inspiration to us all, to work just as much, again thank you .



Omg~ This is such beautiful work. It makes me want draw until my hand bleed and I have no choice, but to draw with my own blood. Job well done my friend. Excuse me for being super late. Bless!