[center]The following is the best work from the thread:

                                               []([[b]Open Figure Drawing Workshop - NEW BARGUE - 022[/b]](
     In this Workshop participants were challenged to create a modern master copy from some of [b]CGTalk's best 3D Artists[/b]. 

Many thanks to the many generous 3D render donors to this Workshop! :slight_smile:

  Undoubtedly the person who created the most work for this Workshop was amazing artist [color=PaleGreen][b]zhuzhu:[/b]
  /zhuzhu section ;)









Thank you to all participants and to all of the 3D Artists who generously contributed work to this Workshop! :slight_smile:

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Fantastic inspiring work everyone, just brilliant.


Mind blowing! If it was my 3d model that had been rendered and reproduced like that I would be proud.


Amazing works! very accurate!


All the works are amazing, there is a lot of talent.



wow … amazing stuff …
I like how you guys simulate exactly the 3d render on most of your works, really I sopped for a while on front of them, are they 2d or 3d ???

congratulations for this high level dudes :smiley:


WOw incredible!:eek: Feels so fresh to look at. Hopefully 3D to 2D gets done more I say.


Thanks for shitting on my work zhuzhu, I’ll let you get away with it for now. Haha awesome man. :slight_smile:
Marco, that’s a sweet rendition of gio’s bat creature, holy shit!


Beautiful works !! congratulations to everyone !!


OH !!:eek: strong paint,


beautiful work all. really great.



very beautiful work everyone :thumbsup:


Incredible …am amazed…great job…all the best…


WOW. Really immpressive. Great job from all.


Seriously man you are insane!
Very cool seeing previous MODELS being created in2D fashion.
really great work man!



Really great job! I was a real pleasure seeing the progress of these as well :slight_smile:


my lack of good english is evident, the only word I can think of is…AWESOME!

drops jaw
picks it up
runs back to The War

all the best!


absolutely amazing works
congratulations for all artists :slight_smile:
well done