SPOTLIGHT: BEST of 3d Sculpting Workshop - ANIMAL IN REPOSE


The following is the best work from

3D Sculpting Workshop - ANIMAL IN REPOSE

Big thanks to everyone who participated in the workshop!















And of course the Workshop host: :slight_smile:



[left]Big thanks to Anandpg for hosting a fantastic Workshop! :slight_smile:

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Nice. I’ve been following the WIP and this turned out cool. :). Good job all.


Great stuff from everyone. I’ll be sure to pop by here when I need animal inspiration:)

(btw especially amazing work by Harshdesign)


Great Workshop Anand And Everyone…:slight_smile:

Hey…REBECCA…WHO took my 3d Sea Lion Cave Off Of This Page…and …WHY …It was good enough to be in here yesterday, but it’s not today…what’s up with that…
Just Curious, And A Little Disapointed.


congrulate guys…very inspired stuffs…awesome gallery.:beer:


Excellent guys, there are some really inspirational pieces :arteest:
Congratz to all the participants :thumbsup:


gr8 work harsh…
n congrats every1


Very inspiring stuff…grt posing and detailing by everyone

Really liked the vlads and harsh horse…grt:)


tat was awesome show masters! :slight_smile:


congrats to everybody!


I’ve followed the thread and also this time I’ve to say that, as always, it has been astonishing modelling. I love the elephant is so “naive” it seems “Human” (very Walt Disney alike, I love it)
The horse seems real (even if not too much in repose :wink:
As always thaks for sharing to all the artist present. You’re great guys


Great work everyone!
and i really like what Anand has done…fantastic!


You tell me pls why Glenn who is always inspiring and dedicated to the workshops is not included here BUT you included works that are totally OFF TOPIC.
Usually in real world workshops if there is a final exhibition, they include in it ALL the final works of the students because this is not a competition. And If you decided this is a competition, then you have to clearly state the rules and you must abide to them as well.


some good work, really fun workshop. Some of them came out really great, shame i didn;t get in the spotlight, but a challenge for next time perhaps :smiley:
Great work everyone, looking forward to the next workshop


Glenn is a fantastic contributor and a valued member of the Anatomy Forum. However, the SPOTLIGHT threads are about showcasing the best work from the completed Workshops. The SPOTLIGHT thread pieces are chosen by the person who runs the Workshop but are also at my discretion. I am sorry if this doesn’t seem ‘fair’ - however, the intent of the SPOTLIGHT threads is not to make the Workshops a competition, but rather to reward the great work done in the Workshops and to encourage new people to participate. This is not a prize, it’s merely an attempt to show off the best work of people as a group, whose work may not otherwise be frontpaged individually.

  FAQs about the SPOTLIGHT Threads can be found [here](
 Participating in a free Workshop with a responsive host should be reward enough, I think, for anyone who participates here. For those that feel unhappy with the free Workshops provided here, there are always the paid, CGWorkshops run by the CGSociety that I recommend looking into. I myself am taking a 3D course at a school that has cost me $1700 to participate in - anyone is free to do the same. 

As a reality check to some of you, I do not expect that the work I create in the $1700 course will be frontpaged on CGTalk. Nor would I choose to complain about it publicly.



really nice work everyone! Cool stuff :scream:


SORRY FOLKS for causing a minor upset in an otherwise FANTASTIC WORKSHOP…I should have asked the question about my work in a private message… .LIVE AND LEARN…LOL.:banghead: :slight_smile:

Rebecca is correct in her judgement, and corection of the spotlight lineup, in my opinion.
I am just at the beginning of this Z BRUSH adventure that I stumbled into, and it is deffinitly not my specalty…YET.:slight_smile:
Besides that, you young kids…LOL need the spotlight. I’ve already had my fair share, and it would be kind of wasted on me at this point anyway.
The future belongs to you…you know…so grab it while you can, and while it’s there.:slight_smile:
If I have inspired anyone of you to push yourself futher in this workshop and with your art,…then that’s plenty enough of whatever you want to call it, for me.


Hey people!!
Thanks again to all participants! I am sure we all had an awesome time sculpting and learning things from each other. I am sorry for the little disappointments that may have resulted from the Spotlight thread. All I can say is that it is not that important. What is important is the great time we had and the stuff that we learned. Personally, if all our skill levels have gone up atleast by a few millimeters, and if our understanding of our art has become atleast a little better because of this one month of working together, then that is my true reward, and I am immensely happy about it.

Glenn, your participation is greatly appreciated, and I loved your work.