spot light projection


Hi everyone,
I’m trying to use a spot light to create an image projection. From the point of view of the light, the image is here, when I go to the perspective view or camera view, nothing is shown.
I can see it’s there iff I do a rendering, but I would l like very much to see it from the Open GL view.
I have tried to change all the setting of the panel Dysplay–>open GL, but there is no change.
Does anybody have an idea about how to achieve that in open GL ?

By the way I’m using LW9.0


Does it show up using VPR in the Viewport? I think VPR was added in LW 10.x, so if your LW is halfway modern, it should be there in the Dropdown from where you select your view (like Textured Shaded Solid) upper left of Viewport.

Ahh, sorry re-read… you are using LW 9… don’t think is possible then. Can only advice to try to update or pick up a Cheap Version of LW above 9.

Good Luck


Thanks jburford for the answer,
At least I know that isn’t possible, and I wasn’t missing something.
Well, I will have to go by the rendering way, which make the all effect I wanted to achieve.
Once my project finish, I will upgrade my version, don’t want to mess with the work done.