Spiridon Giannakis


Hi! I am Spiridon and I am a freelance graphic designer and publisher from Germany.
Community related I work mostly on artbooks and help artists to selfpublish. Besides that I launched the Firestarter Magazine in 2017 and am trying to make this community a cozy place for all of us :slight_smile:


I can say ‘Welcome’ and even though I am not massively active myself around here, I have been a reader and stalker of these forums for several years now. I guess I love admiring all the talent on cgsociety. :slight_smile:

As for the magazine, good luck with it. I personally read ImagineFX and am a current subscriber. So you have a lot to live up to :wink:


Hey Sarah :slight_smile: What we do is kinda different, we are no competition and they do a great job! Check it out and you will see :slight_smile:


Nice to see you here Spirodonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :slight_smile:



Hey Spiridon,

Nice to have you here. Definitely excited to try and help make this community a cozy place with you.


Nice to see you here too, Spiridon! :smiley: And as always, much success to our beloved mag Firestarter! ^.^


Nice having you here Spiro!


Hey Spiridon :slight_smile:


Really nice to see you on here dude and for your magazine to really get going and keep staying strong.


Hi Spiridon,

nice to have you here and btw. great talk at the Promised Land! :slight_smile:


How did promised land go?


Heya Kamila, thanks! Promised Land was awesome! Can’t wait to go back :slight_smile: