Spine editing question


I’m making an elastic loop for a product render. I drew a bezier spline for use in a sweep object with a small circle.

I closed the spline by clicking the ‘close spline’ checkbox in the object manager. I now want to delete a point at the other end of the spline to make two ends.

This doesn’t seem to work - when I select a point and delete it the spline stays closed. If I uncheck ‘close spline’ the spline does get a gap, but at the other end in the wrong place.

How do I split the closed spline exactly where I want to?


Hmm, think I have found a way, I selected a point and chose Spline>Point Order>Set First Point, then unchecked close spline, and I have two ends where I want them.

Is that the right way to do this?


In all practicality, yes. Since you only want one open spline segment, the open gap needs to be between the last and the first point in the spline’s sequence. “Close” just closes this gap.
(A spline can consist of several unconnected segments, but “close” applies to each segment then. Not that you need that info here.)