Speed up slow down Clones animated with the rate value


Hi all!

I wonder if there is a way to speed up or slow down clones that are animated with the rate value. To be more precise: If I animate clones along a spline by using the rate value, they behave like particles moving along a spline. If I now want to speed up there movement along the spline or slow it down, one might thing to just animate the rate value, but that doesn´t work as it not only speeds up (or slows down) the clones while simultaniously changing there starting point or relative position on the spline. Which leads to onwanted/uncontrolable movement on the spline.

Now the questions again:

  • Is there a way to slowdown/speedup the movement of rate animated clones?

  • If not, what is the easiest setup to get speed controlable clone movement along a spline that does not need handanimated/keyframed clone offset but rather works like particles in an endless but speed controlable flow of clones?




Found a great solution:


Glad you got it to work using rate and expresso, would animating the offset with key frames have worked ?


Thanks for your interest. Keyframing would surly lead to a similar result. But a single “rate” or “speed” value is more convinient than setting two keyframes to “continue” and then shifting there distance each time you want to adjust the “speed”. I guess it´s a way of where you enjoy to work more… focus on object manager and work keyframeless whenever possible or switch more often between it and the timeline.