Speed graph editor is ruining my motion path ?! What do i wrong? any tips?


Hello, i am more familiar to do that in After Effect where is motion path fully separated from speed graph. When i want to correct the speed curve in Cinema i change the shape of the motion path what i do not want.

I do not know what to do, i want to change the ease out or ease in but let the shape of the motion path

I found out this: Time Track but is it the only options to work with Easy Ease?


Draw your motion path with a spline, then use an align to spline tag to connect them. You can now control the motion along that path in the graph editor.


Thank you for your tip but it wouldn’t work in this particular case for me, but i will keep it in my mind.


Are you aware that you can convert your motionpath to a spline? Timeline->Functions->Position Track to Spline


No i am not (thank you for your help for that conversion) for me is much more natural to animate the motion path (no using the spline) but since i have known that there is problem with edit the speed graph without ruin my motion path i have got some problem to solve now :slight_smile:

when i


I use the time track.


yes, i went through this technic this day but i found out that when i edit (slow down) the animation within the Time Track it expand the curve behind the existing keyframes in timeline.

For those who work in After Effects they know its handy Time Easing there… I found it is very frustrating and it is working in different way in C4D… Maybe i am not used to it so far. I will see