Speed by icon issue


hey guys,

I have the following Setup:

  1. Pflow with speed by icon constrained to a path, so particles follow path.
  2. Pflow starts at frame 1000.
  3. Everything is linked to a helper that has animated transforms on it.

The problem:

  1. It took me while to figure out why the particles didn´t follow the speed by icon: its animation was synced up with the Particle emission at frame 1000, but apparently it looks at the animation from frame 0 on. So I had to move the speed by icons animation to frame 0 and that worked.
  2. But then I linked the setup to my helper and now the particles have a stupid offset I can´t get rid of.

Only idea I had was to mesh the whole Pflow before linking it to the helper, but I don´t have a mesher right now…

Any ideas how to fix this?


Ok, found a workaround.

I simply unlinked the path to which the speed by icon was constrained to at the position where it would have been at frame 1000.

Still…one of the most unintuitive operators that should be replaced sometime (sorry, Oleg…;))