Spectacular - The Heist, Martin Sen (3D)


Title: Spectacular - The Heist
Name: Martin Sen
Country: South Africa
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Here’s my entry for the Spectacular challenge. I’m glad I finally got it finished and made it in time.

comments appreciated

You can see the WIP here : http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=273684


Great work, , I hope ti win:thumbsup:

5 star

Good Luck


great work ! i like the materials and composition , good job :thumbsup:


Really nice frog man…
i like it very much… materials and model is perfect…of course and the composition is very amazing…
can we see some wires plz?


*fantastic works…good luck pal!:slight_smile:


great job Versiden as always .the last minute squize of the frog trying to catch the money really paid of :smiley: good luck with the jury .


Fantastic work, love that big frog robot, but the little frogs make the image so cool. Great work!


I love it - VERY inspiring. The paint scheme on the mecha frog is great (orange is a good choice). Makes me want to get off my butt and model something :slight_smile:


awesome work- really great design, and very funny and original concept.congrats!


very nice stuff! :thumbsup:


Yes! That’s it.


Realy great work!

5 stars from me too.
Bravo! Thats realy great.
Keep it up!
Best work i´ve seen on this
challenge so far!
Textures modeling and rendering are awesome!


thanks for feedback guys…

I’ll try to post wires, but for some reason I can’t login to my webspace via ftp ;(


this is truly a magnificant piece of work and very inspiring!

My favourite of the 3D entries! :thumbsup:


very nice ideas , excellent bot design, huMmmm i love it ! !very good
the realisation is top , all is good for , and good luck for the challenge , i hope you win something with this cg :slight_smile:


Massive impressive as we call such work here…
I’ll give you three stars for concept and 2 stars for the render…
So, 5 stars to be exactly…
Ace work…! :applause: :applause:


Totaly awesome Idea and image my friend…that mech_Frog is so cool :drool:


Wow love it man… the big robot frog it’s the best… awsome work … good luck…


grreat work dude, as said before, this is one of my favourites in the challenge.



Congrats on finishing !
Funny and greatly executed.
Nice design.