Specs to check for scanner/printer/MFP.


Hello everyone.
I want to digitize (scan) my pencil and charcoal sketches but I’m confused about the hardware I really need.
Initially I was looking for a hi-res (almost 9600 ppi) scanner. My goal is to work as a character and props designer, so I’m gonna need also a printer either to make a hardcopy portfolio or just to print out basic forms and models (outlines) and save sketching time. That’s why the solution of an MFP seemed to be efficient cause as I read on various sites, a basic 1200px resolution would be ok for my beginner’s level. Then I had to decide whether I should get either a laser or an inkjet printer. And I got totally confused cause although a laser is a better value for money solution, is not suitable to print images.
So here I am, asking someone experienced in these issues to enlighten me!
Thank you!
(pls forgive any grammar mistakes, I’m not an English native speaker)