"Sorry, you don't have access to that topic!"


I’m newly registered, through Facebook. Just tried to open the video link, and I got the same message as the fellows above.


Hi Travis! I registered yesterday, and got the same message as my classmates


Same here and I’m concerned. Did I register correctly or? I hope so…


Some of your issues may be that if you have not made at least 3 post or had 3 days since registration your account will be on hold. However we do have issues with some users fb account and new passwords so hang tight were actively working on it now so you won’t miss anything or get behind


I am newly registered for CGMA. I followed the instructions and still no access to the video.


Also newly registered to take part to the course and not being allowed to see the first video. I registered already couple of weeks ago tho.


Yea I registered 6 days ago and haven’t gotten anything, I really hope I did it correctly :frowning:


Same situation. Signed up for the course at least a week ago.


And my account is something like 8 years old, just never posted anything. And now your new forums consider it new somehow. Can’t see lecture either.


I have the same problem and I registered 6 days ago .
I really hope I did it correctly


Hey Travis :smiley:

im a new registered user

Gmail account

Thanks for helping out :slight_smile:


hey guys video just went up for me!


Hi all, this is Christine from CGS. Our developers have fixed the error many of you were receiving while accessing the videos. It should be working now. Please check to see that you have access, but if you are still receiving errors, please let us know.


Ye, it’s okey now) thank’s :grinning:


Hi Travis, I don’t even know where to find the link the others are mentioning here - did I not register properly? I’m a new user, with GMX as my email provider.
Thank you!


Let me know if you still need help


Thank you!