Sopwith Camel WIP


I’ve been working on this model on and off for quite some time now. Here are a couple of clay renders. Any comments welcome. I’ll upload some more shots later. The next step after finishing the modelling is to use Quixel Suite for materials and texturing.



I started with the engine. I wanted to practice modelling mechanical bits. Down the road I decided that what the heck, I’ll make the whole plane.




Very nice! If you haven’t already you should post it over at


Some small progress on the tail elements




Intense time at work so no big progress on this project.
Made the pitot head


Here is a closeup of the Rotherham air pump I finished some time ago



Lot of other things going on so a small update. The air cooled Vickers mg


Wow, your attention to detail is so well done, what program are you using to model? If possible I’d love to see a wire frame for the engine part it looks so clean.


I’m modelling everything in 3dsMax. The attention to detail drives me crazy sometimes. I think that I’m done with a part. I look at the reference pictures again and damn, missed that latch or bolt or something :slight_smile:

First go at the prop texture


The attention to detail is really paying off, the model looks amazing. Are you doing your textures in keyshot?


I’m using Quixel to get a hang of it. The tricky part will be rendering it with Mental Ray. The prop came out quite ok but I’m having issues with the metallic materials due to the PBR workflow of Quixel. All part of the learning experience I guess.


Finally made some progress. First go at the complete engine texturing.
I see that I’ll have to work some more on the main block.


Slowly chugging along with this. A great learning experience.


Finaly some time to get back to this project. Maybe this time I will see it completed :slight_smile:



Tail finished


I think i got all the external elements covered. Still the cockpit left. I have some more elements to model and texture.

Rotherham pump with mounting brackets

Tail skid textured


Totaly forgot the fuel tank inlets. But they’re there now.


Small progress